What Is Prescription Compounding?

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Prescription compounding is an established tradition that allows physicians to prescribe specific medication prepared by certified pharmacists for specific patient needs.


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What Is Prescription Compounding?


Prescription compounding is an established tradition that allows physicians to prescribe specific medication prepared by certified pharmacists for specific patient needs. For many years, prescription compounding provided the majority of drug care for many patients. Today, most prescription drugs are mass-produced by pharmaceutical companies, but compounding allows for individual needs to be taken into consideration. Prescription compounding arose out of the need to provide drugs to patients with certain medical conditions that cannot be treated by mass produced medication. It is recommended for patients who are allergic to dyes or fillers in commercial medication. In pediatric cases, some patients may not be able to take medication if the capsule is too large or dose too high. These are some of the situations where prescription compounding plays an important role in helping the patient find an appropriate treatment. What Is Prescription Compounding? (805) 527-9600 Homecaresv.com


Compounded medications are usually ordered by licensed physicians and nurse practitioners and mixed by licensed compounding pharmacists in a safe and carefully controlled environment. A compounding pharmacy Simi Valley consists of licensed pharmacists trained in chemical compounding, making them qualified to provide compounding prescription services. The basis of compounding prescription medication is the patient-physician-pharmacist relationship, also known as the triad relationship. Some of the main reasons for recommending  compounded prescription medication  include: The mass production of certain medications may be discontinued by pharmaceutical companies due to lack of profits or other issues. Compounding pharmacists often order the ingredients for the discontinued medication and compound the product to suit the dosage needs of their patients. (805) 527-9600 Homecaresv.com


Some patients require particular medication and nutritional supplements that are available commercially, but have an allergen in the preservative, dye, or binder. A compounding pharmacist can mix the required ingredients for that particular drug or nutritional supplement while excluding the offensive component. Compounding pharmacists can also create personalized dosages or uniquely flavored products for special patients such as children or even pets. The market for compounded medication for pediatric patients is on the rise because mass produced medications are lacking. Compounding pharmacists can combine several medications or nutritional supplements into one dosage for their patients. Some medications produce certain side effects such as upset stomach and drowsiness. Prescription compounding allows compounding pharmacists to prepare such medication in such a way that it does not produce the unwanted side effects. (805) 527-9600 Homecaresv.com


Medicines can be changed in various ways for various reasons: a patient may require a customized dose, may require a liquid form of a medicine that typically comes as a pill, may require a medicine that has been discontinued or is uncommonly rare, may already be taking other medication with which the new medicine might react negatively, or in some cases, may simply need a better flavor. Size, shape, flavor, dosage, and solidity can be adjusted by a compounding pharmacy before delivering to a patient. Much like traditional prescriptions, compounded prescriptions must be written by an overseeing physician or other trained and authorized medical professional. (805) 527-9600 Homecaresv.com Why Customize Prescription Medicine?


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