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Pradeep Agarwal Academy has carved out a niche for itself in the field of coaching for IIT and other entrance exams. We provide guidance for how to prepare for IIt and how to obtain a much better rank in IIT.


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1 http://www.iitcoachings.in

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2 http://www.iitcoachings.in

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3 http://www.iitcoachings.in ABOUT US Pradeep Agarwal is a recipient of various scholastic achievements. He received the NTSE Scholarship he topped the National Mathematics Olympiad and is also a recipient of the Born Mathematician award given by the Ramanujan Society of BornMathematicians. Pradeep Agarwal had done B.Tech from IIT Kanpur where also he was among the toprankers. Pradeep Agarwal is author of the book “Physics Encyclopedia for JEE Main JEE Advanced”. This book is in two volumes and was launched in the year 2014. Today it is the most sought after book and has been rated as the best book for the preparationofIITentranceexam.

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4 http://www.iitcoachings.in PRADEEP AGARWAL ACADEMY PradeepAgarwalAcademyhascarvedoutanicheforitselfinthefieldofcoaching for IIT and other entrance exams. The academy takes ownership and responsibilityforthesuccessofitsstudents. Apartfromtheuniquemethodsofmakingastudentlearnatafastpacethe Academy is committed to provide personal attention to each and every student. An outstanding feature of the academy is to make a bright student of class 9th 10th aspiring for IIT to complete the entire syllabus of classes 11th and 12th. This helps them to qualify the coveted KVPY and also helps them to obtain a muchbetterrankinIIT. The academy takes pleasure in inviting students and parents to visit the academy andexperience thiswonderfulphenomenonthemselves.

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5 http://www.iitcoachings.in OUR BOOKS Thisbookintwovolumesisacomprehensivetextbookthathelpsandguides studentspreparingforalltypesofexaminationsandisuniqueinitsapproach. Ithaseverythingastudentwouldpossiblyneedforhissuccessinexams. Physics Encyclopedia for JEEMain and JEEAdvanced

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6 http://www.iitcoachings.in  To produce in IIT Medical and other exams by providing a platform where the skills are delicately nurtured in the most systematic and efficient manner.  To help students succeed with amazing results by making best use of theirpotential. OUR VISION

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7 http://www.iitcoachings.in WHAT OUR STUDENTS SAID

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8 CONTACT US Pradeep Agarwal Academy 37 Housing Board Colony Opposite Jyoti Hospital Near Sector 15 Jharsa RoadGURGAON–122001 Mobile: +9198718847949873893344 E-Mail: p123agarwalgmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/p123agarwal Website: http://www.iitcoachings.in/ http://www.iitcoachings.in

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9 http://www.iitcoachings.in

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