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Full height turnstile price in India is very budget friendly due to which this concept is being embraced by the corporate across the industrial sectors as these systems act as a deterrent for the trouble makers and a blessing for the management.


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Full Height Turnstiles One such solution which plays a pivotal role in checking the ‘Tail gating’ in an organization is possible with the application of  Full Height Turnstile  Systems. As the name suggests, these machines are high enough to house an individual who enters into the machine from one end and exits from the other.

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Automatic Full Height Turnstiles Full Height Turnstiles  are favorable to be used in places like factories, universities, industrial sites, stadiums and at all such places where flow of authenticated individuals needs to be numbered and regulated in order to manage the movement of masses specifically during  the rush hours- like the times when the switching of the shifts take place.

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Full Height Turnstiles Features 1. Full height turnstiles, with electromagnetic lock and microprocessor based control panel requires no routine maintenance. 2 . In conjunction with card readers they can be used to control access reliably without the need for personnel. 3 . Ensures controlled passage of individuals from one side to the other in the permitted direction. 4 . Applicable for indoor as well as outdoor installations. 5 . Full height turnstile systems can readily be connected to pre-existing access control systems. 6 . The turnstile is capable to control the passage in both directions, with the option of single direction control with the reverse direction locked or free upon request utilizing a push button fixed to the upright. 7 . HOM Full Height turnstiles are compatible with all types of ID readers and are available in MS and SS caseworks with SS arms .

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