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Afterschool Advocates Interdisciplinary Strategies for Tackling Childhood Obesity Case Competition 2014

Meet Michael:

Meet Michael

After School Programs :

After School Programs After school programs (ASP) have been identified as excellent was to improve obesity rates (NYS DOH, 2008) Middle School students have benefitted positively from exposure to advocacy (CDC 2010) There are some ASP’s that exist in Roosevelt, but space is limited and there is a need for more

The Big Picture:

The Big Picture Students want to improve their health (CDC 2010) Students want to have opportunities to be actively involved in changing public policies (Bogart et al 2011) Childhood obesity is not only an individual issue- there are many layers of influence

Location: Roosevelt, NY:

Location: Roosevelt, NY 56% of students in the Roosevelt school district are participants in the federal subsidized lunch program (Census 2012) 30% of households identify as single mother (Census 2010) 48% of middle school students in Roosevelt are overweight/obese vs. the national average of 32% Roosevelt is located in the middle of suburban Nassau, and as such has been overlooked

The Proposal: :

The Proposal: We propose an after school program for middle school students that will feature: 1: Nutrition Workshop 2: Physical Activity 3: Civic Engagement The program will utilize college interns interested in related disciplines


Feasibility: Low income families especially seek after school care ( Duffett and Johnson, 2004) Including community advocacy training in obesity reduction programs improves the success of the program ( Hoelscher , 2010) Education about issues relating to health and wellness can change the pattern of disparity for next generation (CDC, 2010) The use of college students will offset costs for the program in comparison to other similar programs We can apply for county funding as an afterschool program as well as grant funding


Comprehensiveness To the population To both macro and micro issues To the University Opportunities for expansion


Sustainability “New York State Health Kids Act.” Section 2599c of the Public Health Law A06196: “Healthy Kids Act” Nutrition Incentive A03627: Physical Education Incentive Advocacy programs help students find a voice

Meet Michael in 2020!:

Meet Michael in 2020!

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