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Residential - Parent Orientation


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Residential Programs:

Residential Programs 11 Residence Halls – all smoke free; rooms/complexes are clustered by first-year students Full-Time Resident Directors, majority of whom hold Master’s Degrees 133 Resident Assistants

When will room assignments be made and what if someone wants a room change?:

When will room assignments be made and what if someone wants a room change? Room Assignments mailed to HofPride email account weekly Room change process: email How many of your students currently share a room at home? Singles waiting list

Things You Should Know…:

Things You Should Know… RAs/RDs will assist with any roommate concerns that arise. Our residence halls are open throughout the January intersession, so you don’t have to remove any belongings as long as your student is returning for the spring. Summer housing is also available

Can I look inside a Hofstra Residence Hall Room? :

Can I look inside a Hofstra Residence Hall Room? On our Website! 1 2

What else should I know about the rooms?:

What else should I know about the rooms? What are the dimensions on rooms and are the rooms carpeted? –Varies. How often are bathrooms cleaned? –Every day in high-rises; once a semester in suite areas Can I hire a cleaning service? –No. Can I mount things on walls? -Yes, but be careful.

What is the guest policy?:

What is the guest policy? Are members of the opposite sex permitted in the residence halls at night? Yes. We respect that our students are adults and give them the associated rights.

Is there staff around in the evenings and on the weekends?:

Is there staff around in the evenings and on the weekends? Resident Assistants (RA’s) Resident Directors (RDs) Counselors on Duty Dean of Students Staff on Duty Public Safety-RSRs/CANN Health Center Will I be called if my student is ill? –Only in serious emergencies.

What should your student bring?:

What should your student bring? Complete list is included in your move-in brochure and in the Living Factor available on line Can I rent/bring a refrigerator ? Yes, please visit the ORP web site for a link to Collegiate Storage and Rental One per bedroom

Things to bring continued…..:

Things to bring continued….. Please note: One-cup coffee makers are not approved! Linens – visit Residence Hall Linens hof for your convenience; buy extra long bed sheets! The links for all these vendors are hyper-linked into the housing assignment letter your student received to his/her Hofstra pride email account

Residence Hall Linens:

Residence Hall Linens Designed for Extra-Long Twin Mattresses Over 30 Sheet Set Color Combinations Bundled “Value Pack” options available

What Your Student Should Leave Home!:

What Your Student Should Leave Home! NO Cooking Appliances NO Extension Cords NO Pets (Only Fish In 10 gallon or less tank)

What Your Student Should Leave Home! :

What Your Student Should Leave Home! NO Candles/Incense NO Removal of University Furniture/Changing the Structure of the Room NO Curtains/Tapestries

Can I Ship Things in Advance?:

Can I Ship Things in Advance? We do not recommend shipping in advance, since there is no storage area on campus. Mail important letters or packages through services with a return receipt. Packages will be delivered to U.S. Post Office in Student Center; email is sent to student’s Hofstra pride e-mail account What about Discovery Students and Athletes…should they bring everything when they arrive on campus? Yes.

Are There Laundry Facilities on Campus?:

Are There Laundry Facilities on Campus? Not only do we have laundry facilities, we have advanced laundry services on campus! Unlimited use of our laundry facilities – $40 (billed in the fees) for the semester

What should we do if there is a problem in our room upon move-in?:

What should we do if there is a problem in our room upon move-in? Tell a member of Residential Programs team. Please do not fix or clean it yourselves. During the academic year, students can submit work orders to resolve issues We have emergency staff on hand for weekend responses such as HVAC, etc.

Will I Know if my Student Violates Policies While Living on Campus?:

Will I Know if my Student Violates Policies While Living on Campus? Due to FERPA regulations, we do not automatically release disciplinary information without your student’s consent. Exceptions include drug offenses or other serious situations.

When is Move-In Day?:

When is Move-In Day? Move-in Day for first-year students is on Thursday, August 29, 2013. Arrival times will be mailed to you in your housing packets. Unfortunately, early arrivals are not permitted due to space limitations. Exceptions: Fall Athletes and Discovery Students


Miscellaneous Renter’s Insurance: Check your insurance policy Requesting a roommate at this time Furniture in rooms that are designated as triples. Are the rooms equipped with sprinkler systems and are rooms inspected? Yes.

Hofstra ID Card Features:

Hofstra ID Card Features DUTCH DEBITS and DINING PLAN: two accounts on one HofstraCard and access to various locations on campus With optional Dutch Debits, your student may enjoy convenient purchasing at these campus locations: The Hofstra University Bookstore . The Hofstra Health and Wellness Center Hofstra Concerts . Entertainment Unlimited, Movies, Concessions and Events .

Card Features:

Card Features You may always add to your dining account and Dutch Debits account but points are non-refundable and all points are forfeited the day following spring Commencement. Therefore, please calculate your costs carefully.

Replacement ID Costs:

Replacement ID Costs First ID Replacement - $10 Second ID Replacement - $25 Subsequent Replacements - $50 Fees are deducted from Dutch Debit balances or billed to their student account

Lost/Stolen ID Cards:

Lost/Stolen ID Cards For your students’ safety and the safety of the community, students must report lost/stolen ID cards immediately Students log into their student portal and select Hofstra On-Line and select the card services menu. In an emergency, contact Public Safety

Dining Plans:

Dining Plans 7 dining plans available. Each plan consists of an allotment of points ($1 = 1 point) that are deducted from your student’s account as they are used. First year resident students are required to purchase PLAN 5 or higher. The dining plans are as follows: PLAN 7 - $2,150  PLAN 6 - $2,025 PLAN 5 - $1,870 PLAN 4 - $1,675 PLAN 3 - $1,525 PLAN 2 - $ 825 PLAN 1 - $ 425 COMMUTING STUDENTS ONLY

Adding Money Online:

Adding Money Online Students can add money through their portal at: They select Hofstra On-Line and tab on the Dining Services menu. Parents can add money online once student signs the dining plan contract. Go to and select “ Hofstra Card” under parent services box

Questions and Answers?:

Questions and Answers? Thank you!

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