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Technology - Parent Orientation


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Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader SCS Student Employee?:

Are You Smarter Than a 5 th Grader SCS Student Employee?

Are You Smarter Than a SCS Student Employee?:

Are You Smarter Than a SCS Student Employee? Printing Wireless Network Free Software Help Desk Computer Repairs Secure Passwords Sample Question 120 60 30 15 5 1 Exit

Printing Question :

Printing Question Hofstra University has over 38 PridePrint laser printers for student use located conveniently across campus. We can thank Chester Carlson for this, who, in 1938, invented a dry printing process that was the basis for modern laser printers. What company did he work for? Hewlett Packard Xerox Kodak

Printing Answer :

Printing Answer Xerox

Remember… :

Remember… Students can print from our lab or from their own computers to one of our conveniently located PridePrint release stations Every student receives 120 print credits per school year Enough for 1200 B/W double or single sided pages More information can be found at Return

Wireless Network Question :

Wireless Network Question Hofstra offers every student a fast and secure wireless connection to the Internet. What wireless network should your student connect to? HU Guest Stop_Stealing_My_Wifi HU Preferred America Online

Wireless Network Answer :

Wireless Network Answer HU Preferred


Remember… Students should connect any device that supports WPA2 Enterprise encryption to HU Preferred Computers iOS and Android HU Guest should be used for: Gaming consoles Media devices Devices that do not support WPA2 encryption Return

Free Software Question:

Free Software Question At Hofstra, every student gets a FREE copy of Microsoft Office. What program is included in the Windows version of Office but NOT the Mac Version? Access Pages Word

Free Software Answer:

Free Software Answer Microsoft Access is NOT included in the Mac version of office.


Remember…. Every student gets a FREE copy of Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows or 2011 for Mac Office is available to students through Download link in the Hofstra Portal Bringing their computer to the Technical Support Center Return

Help Desk Question:

Help Desk Question The number to the student Technical Support Center is 516-463-7777. What else has four 7’s in a row? Hulk Hogan’s birthday A lenticular galaxy in the constellation of Pegasus The square root of 60,399,080

Help Desk Answer:

Help Desk Answer A lenticular galaxy in the constellation of Pegasus (NGC 7777)


Remember… If your student has any technical questions, have them call: 516-463-7777 Return

Computer Repairs Question:

Computer Repairs Question Hofstra has a Computer Repair Center that can clean up even the nastiest bug from any computer. What was the first recorded computer bug? Melissa virus An actual moth Blaster virus

Computer Repairs Answer :

Computer Repairs Answer An actual moth


Remember… Hofstra’s Computer Repair Center can fix almost any software or hardware problem FREE diagnostics Competitive fee for repairs (plus cost of parts) FREE warranty work on most Apple and Lenovo computers Typically open from 9:00am to 6:30pm M-Fri Return

Secure Passwords Question:

Secure Passwords Question Hofstra encourages everyone to use a secure password for not only Hofstra, but any website that you have an account on. According to a 2012 report from SplashData , a password management company, the three most common passwords of 2012 were “password,” “123456” and… Sunshine Master 12345678

Secure Passwords Answer:

Secure Passwords Answer 3. 12345678 4. abc123 5. q werty 6. m onkey 7. l etmein 8. dragon 9. 111111 10. baseball


Remember… A secure Hofstra password has At least 8 alpha-numeric characters At least 1 special character (! * _ . -) At least 1 number Can’t be at the beginning or end Can’t be a password you have used in the past Does not contain your name or username Examples: p3p5iI5B3tt3r erm@rg@rd1! grumpyc@7s Return

Sample Question:

Sample Question What kind of computer should your student bring to campus: Windows Mac Linux It’s their personal preference

Sample Question Answer:

Sample Question Answer It’s their personal preference!


Remember… Stick with what they’re comfortable with Learning to use a new operating system can add to first year pressures If your student uses both You might decide by area of study Most School of Business majors prefer Windows Most Engineering students use Windows Graphic Arts students tend to use Mac Return

120 Print Credit Question What is the best department on campus?:

120 Print Credit Question What is the best department on campus? Student Computing Services Student Computing Services Student Computing Services

120 Print Credit Question:

120 Print Credit Question Student Computing Services!

Thanks for Playing and Remember...:

Thanks for Playing and Remember...   If you or your student has any questions, please contact us at: 516-463-7777

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