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Wellness - Parent Orientation


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Wellness of Our Community “ Wellness must be a prerequisite to all else. Students cannot be proficient if they are physically and psychologically unwell.” Ernest Boyle

Wellness of Our Community:

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) While we consider parents as our partners in helping students stay well and healthy, the guidelines to which we must adhere limit the level of communication with families.

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HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER Division of Student Affairs Maureen Houck, DNP Director of the Health and Wellness Center

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Staffing Registered Professional Nurses Nurse Practitioners Physicians


Who is Served by the Wellness Center? All students Full-time, part-time, undergraduate, graduate, resident and commuter students


Appointments Open Access scheduling system Appointments are available on a daily basis. Students should call in the morning. Exceptions: Allergy Clinic and Women’s Health Clinic

Who is Served by the Wellness Center?:

Medications Our Formulary sells some Over the Counter (OTC) as well as full-prescription medications at a nominal fee Prescriptions can be written


Laboratory Tests Students: pay for the laboratory tests should know the name of the lab their insurance company uses should have their insurance cards


Tell Your Student To Bring ... A copy of insurance card The primary-care provider contact information Knowledge of prescribed medications Emergency contact name and phone number Thermometer Tylenol/Advil, hot/cold pack, adhesive bandages OTC cold/allergy medicines Eye glasses (for contact-lens wearers)

Laboratory Tests:

Available at hofstra.edu /wellness (>Resources>Forms> Medical Records) Submit the completed form by the first day of class

Tell Your Student To Bring ...:

Office of Student Counseling Services Division of Student Affairs

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Student Counseling Services Services Provided Individual therapy Group therapy Psycho-educational workshops Crisis intervention Clinical assessment Consultation & referral Phone: 516 -463-6791

Office of Student Counseling Services:

Student Counseling Services Emergency Access In the case of an emergency during non‑business hours, a crisis counselor is available immediately through Department of Public Safety at 516-463‑6789

Student Counseling Services:

Student Counseling Services Staff Full time psychologists All licensed in the state of NY Psychology externs currently enrolled in psychology doctoral programs at Hofstra University

Student Counseling Services:

Student Counseling Services Confidentiality Confidentiality of the utmost importance The identity of those using SCS, along with the personally identifiable disclosures made in the context of the counseling relationship will be treated as confidential Confidential information will not be shared with parties outside of SCS without student’s written consent, except as the law and our professional responsibilities require

Student Counseling Services:

Student Counseling Services Eligibility & Fees All enrolled students may use counseling services Services are available to all students free of charge for the first three sessions. A fee of $30 is charged thereafter A fee is never assessed for: Consultations Psycho-educational Groups Crisis Response Information and Referral Services

Student Counseling Services:

Early Planning for Mental Health Care Identify and assess the need for ongoing mental health services and support Medication planning Identify primary service providers Students benefit significantly from collaborative support: we welcome parent involvement hofstra.edu / studentcounseling

Student Counseling Services:

Services for Students with Disabilities at Hofstra (SSD) Division of Student Affairs Julie Yindra, Director Deborah Hancock, Assistant Director

Early Planning for Mental Health Care:

The Students We Serve SSD has over 500 students registered, with a wide variety of physical, sensory, psychological and learning disabilities. Approximately 65% of registered students have learning disabilities, ADHD or both. 10% of our registered students have mobility impairments, a much higher percentage than typical.

Services for Students with Disabilities at Hofstra (SSD):

What Do We Do Consultants for the campus community on ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) compliance and disability related issues Collect, review and maintain confidential disability-related records on all registered students Determine eligibility for services and a variety of accommodations designed to mitigate the effect of a disability on a student’s educational experience

The Students We Serve:

Most Frequent Accommodations Testing Accommodations Alternative print materials Note-taking services R esidential accommodations Use of assistive technology (computers, calculators, voice activated software, “smart pens”, etc.)

What Do We Do:

What Guides SSD Policy? Our policies, procedures and services are guided by the ADA of 1990, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and industry standards. Neither Section 504 nor the ADA are special education laws. Rather, they are non-discrimination laws. Reasonable accommodations are determined by necessity and feasibility, not preference Reasonable accommodations guarantee access, not success

Most Frequent Accommodations:

Next Steps If your student hasn’t already, fill out a Disability Disclosure form (available in our office, on our web page, and in your student orientation packet). Next, fill out an application for services. Gather your professional documentation to be provided to SSD when requesting accommodations.

What Guides SSD Policy?:

Next Steps The student should make contact with our office as soon as possible to insure that their file is complete and arrange a meeting date and time for an orientation with one of our staff. If your student needs non-classroom related accommodations, such as a housing accommodation, the earlier, the better.

Next Steps:

Self-Advocacy Make sure that your student understands that he or she must make contact with us to request accommodations. We cannot initiate the process. Be sure that before he or she arrives for fall semester, your student understands the scope and nature of the disability, its effects, and what accommodations may be needed.

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The newly renovated Fitness Center features: Fully equipped weight room with Cybex strength machines and

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