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Advisement - Parent Orientation


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Advising Resources at Hofstra Center for University Advisement Summer 2013

Center for University Advisement Mission Statement:

Center for University Advisement Mission Statement We support and guide Hofstra undergraduate students as they explore, identify and achieve academic goals while fostering their autonomy, responsibility and love of learning . Through an individualized approach, the Center for University Advisement teaches students how to use campus resources in order to promote their academic endeavors and personal growth . We also serve as an advocate and liaison with other offices to create a collaborative and supportive environment for all students.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA):

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) First point of contact is always with student E ncourage your student to complete FERPA waiver - useful in emergencies When FERPA on file, still urge students to manage their academic and financial issues – great learning experience

What Kind of Questions Can Advisement Deans Help Address? :

What Kind of Questions Can Advisement Deans Help Address? Academic program planning Major exploration Interpretation of Hofstra academic policies and procedures Degree progress Other non-major specific academic questions and concerns (i.e. University and Distribution requirements) Applicability of transfer credit Campus resources

Dual Advisement System:

Dual Advisement System Starting with student’s major declaration (usually sophomore year): Advisement dean continues general advising Student is assigned a faculty advisor in the department of his/her major Important to keep regularly meeting with advisement dean to stay on track to graduation: university and distribution requirements

First-Year Experience - Summer:

First-Year Experience - Summer Remind Your Student in August AP test scores to Hofstra’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. (Admissions) Transcripts from other colleges to Admissions Visit the Center for University’s Academic website and Facebook page: (Academic) Review Tuition Refund Insurance option

First-Year Experience - Fall:

First-Year Experience - Fall September   Meet with your advisement dean to become familiar with the degree requirements, general education courses, and electives (Academic) Review Academic & Student Affairs Calendar for deadlines (Academic) Use tutoring and writing resources (Academic) Plan to join at least one student organization; look at both social and academic campus organizations - Club Fair (Social)

First-Year Experience - Fall:

First-Year Experience - Fall September ( c ontinued) Check out events & activities c alendar and show your Hofstra Pride at athletic events (Social) Use your Hofstra e-mail and Blackboard accounts (Social/Academic) Offer, seek and identify an academic, emotional and spiritual support system. Use the services in Student Health & Counseling, if needed (Personal Growth) Explore events / opportunities at the Fitness Center to maintain balance in your mind - body - spirit connection (Personal Growth)

First-Year Experience – Fall:

First-Year Experience – Fall October Review course registration options with your advisement dean (Academic) Learn how to calculate your GPA (Academic) Attend the “Major” and “Study Abroad” Fairs (Academic)

First-Year Experience – Fall:

First-Year Experience – Fall November Register for the Spring term (Academic) Talk with faculty about your intended major (Faculty Advisement) Connect with a department and/or upperclassman in your intended major (Faculty Advisement) Review Final Exam Schedule (Academic)

First-Year Experience – Spring:

First-Year Experience – Spring March Meet with advisement d ean and faculty advisor (if student has a major). Register for the Fall and summer terms in March (Academic) Identify summer opportunities/work experiences

Hofstra Undergraduate Degrees:

Hofstra Undergraduate Degrees Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) 124 credits Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) 128 credits Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) 131-136 credits Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) 132 credits Bachelor of Science (B.S.) – varies Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.E.) 129 credits

Hofstra Schools:

Hofstra Schools Undergraduate schools at Hofstra: Hofstra College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Frank G. Zarb School of Business School of Communication School of Education School of Engineering and Applied Science Hofstra University Honors College School for University Studies School of Health and Human Services

REACH Request for Early Assistance & Coordinating Help:

REACH R equest for E arly A ssistance & C oordinating H elp A University early-alert initiative by which professors can contact a student’s advisement dean through their electronic roster. Used for: * Attendance * Grades * Behavior issues Advisement deans contact students to offer solutions.

Faculty to Advisement Outreach:

Faculty to Advisement Outreach

What Makes up a Hofstra Degree? :

What Makes up a Hofstra Degree? University Requirements : Satisfactory completion of Writing Studies & Composition 1 and 2 Passing the English Proficiency exam Satisfactory completion of the Foreign Language requirement (exceptions apply for certain degree programs and majors) Distribution Requirements : 33 credits of Liberal Arts broken down into 5 divisions : 1. Humanities 2. Natural Science, Math/Computer Science 3. Social Sciences 4. Cross Cultural 5. Interdisciplinary Studies Major-Specific Courses Elective Courses

Degree Audit:

Degree Audit Students can access online through their Hofstra account—under “my apps”. Contains all of their degree requirements – what has been fulfilled and what needs to be done. Students are encouraged to refer to their degree audit before they register to ensure proper course selection, as well as before advisement sessions.

Goal: Student Autonomy:

Goal: Student Autonomy Be familiar with transcript and degree audit from the first year Register online as early as possible Check Hofstra e-mails frequently - Visit an advisement dean and major adviser once a semester Enroll in approximately 15.5 credits a semester (for 124 cr. Degree) Don’t wait too long to get help! Meet your adviser. Take advantage of all Hofstra services (University Tutorial Program, Academic Success program The Career Center, etc.)

Center for University Advisement:

Center for University Advisement Fall/Spring Hours: Appointments: 9am-3pm Monday-Friday 5-7 pm Monday & Thursday Quick-questions: 8-9 am & 3:30-4:30pm Monday-Friday Setting up an appointment: 101 Memorial Hall, 107 Student Center, Netherlands Res Halls Call us at: 516-463-6770 or 516-463-7222

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