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Dept of Global Studies and Geography - Facts and Figures 2013-14


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“The world is much more interesting than any one discipline .” Professor Edward Tufte , Yale University “ For the typical American, the past decade has been economically brutal…While there are many culprits … globalization has had the greatest impact . ” New York Times , 10/15/2011. “The expansion of globalization , has “put virtually every American job under pressure,” Friedman and Mandelbaum, “ That Used to be US ” 2011. We live in a globalized world. To compete , graduates need an understanding of the complexities of the inter-related economic, political and cultural processes that characterize globalization . This transcends any one academic discipline. That is why Hofstra created the inter-disciplinary program in Global Studies . Global change has a spatial component and occurs at multiple geographic scales, hence the continuing necessity of a sound geographic education . An understanding of g eography , and the tools supplied by geo-spatial technology , are more crucial than ever for interpreting and studying the evolving global system.


THE ADVANTAGES OF GLOBAL STUDIES AND GEOGRAPHY AT HOFSTRA With over 200 majors/minors, we are among the fastest growing and most popular majors at Hofstra. We offer two growing areas of employment , Global Studies and Geography. We encourage academic excellence. In 2011/12, more than half of our graduating seniors earned Departmental honors, University honors, or Latin honors . Our faculty are internationally recognized experts in their fields and are consistently rated among the best teachers at Hofstra . We provide excellent advisement and work with students to get them through Hofstra as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We promote social engagement and community awareness . We help students find internships and give course credits for these internships. We offer a cost effective semester-length study abroad program in Europe (“ The European Odyssey ”). We have a competitive award for the best written honors dissertation (Tenenbaum Award) and a combination merit/need based annual Department award ( Inaba Award ). We allow students to build a program around their own interests .

We offer the following Programs:

We offer the following Programs BA Geography , BA Global Studies , Pre-Med Geography , Pre-Med Global Studies , LEAP – Geog and GS . GUIDE ON HOW TO COMPLETE AND STUCTURE YOUR MAJOR 2012 Graduates 2011 Graduates 2010 graduates 2013 Graduates

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Employers want graduates with an interdisciplinary background, who have studied abroad , completed internships and who understand global society. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a “ high growth industry, ” with an estimated 10-year growth of over 330,000 geospatial professionals . We offer the type of relevant and rigorous courses needed to compete within the global economy. Producing Majors for the new economy

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Geography, more relevant than ever

PowerPoint Presentation: 15004 Jobs for a Global Economy “The job category of "geographer" is poised for …. dramatic growth, with job openings projected to increase nearly 30 percent by 2020 .” Doug Richardson, Executive Director, Association of American Geographers, 2013.

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GIS – Providing new jobs across industries and sectors See this article in Science for a discussion of all the new jobs for geographers.

PowerPoint Presentation: “…Google announced via its official blog that …mapping technology has helped create jobs and push economic growth worldwide. Mapping tools such as GPS, location data, satellite imagery, and apps like Google Maps and Google Earth have caused mapping to flourish…The  report  reveals that the global geo services industry grosses up to $270 billion per year and dishes out $90 billion in wages, in addition to employing more than 500,000 people. Google illustrates the economic impact of geo services via an  infographic , which depicts how the industry has improved in areas such as emergency response, agriculture, air transportation, and more. For example, mapping technology has helped businesses like UPS optimize delivery routes. As a result, UPS saved 5.3 million miles and more than 650,000 gallons of gas in 2011 alone .” Global Geo Services are creating jobs and helping drive economic growth

Table 1. Majors/Minors, Fall 2008 – Spring 2013:

Table 1. Majors/Minors , Fall 2008 – Spring 2013 Year Global Studies Majors Geography Majors Global Studies Minors Geography Minors Total 2008 (FALL) 4 5 5 2 16 2009 (FALL) 37 10 6 6 59 2010 (FALL) 50 9 7 10 76 2011 (FALL) 91 18 19 26 154 2012 (FALL) 112 28 39 30 209 2013 (Spring) 123 33 40 32 228 Numbers are derived from our declared majors forms and from the data provided by the Admissions Office on Blackboard. Since our establishment in 2008, we have seen a dramatic growth in majors and minors

We encourage our students to double major:

We encourage our students to double major Many of our students are double majors , particularly combining Global Studies with Geography and/or Political Science, Economics, or History, We have double majors from virtually every program in the Social Sciences and Humanities, We have a growing number of double majors with the School of Communications (particularly Journalism and Public Relations), We have many majors with a minor in International Business, and more International Business majors are adding a minor in Global Studies.

The Advantages of a double major:

The Advantages of a double major Consistent with national trends, the average cumulative GPA for declared dual majors at Hofstra is almost 10% higher than the average for students with single majors. Around 30% of all dual majors in Hofstra College are from our Department. We even have a handful of triple majors! Charles Picone , triple major in Global Studies, Geography, and Political Science.

We are graduating more majors every year! Table 2., Graduates, 2009 – 2013:

We are graduating more majors every year! Table 2., Graduates, 2009 – 2013 Year Total 2009 2 2010 4 2011 19 2012 26 2013 37 Note: Table include double majors 2012 GS/ Geog and Honors College Gradates Alex Moore,’ 11 Christina Hoffman, ‘12 William Wertling , Chrs Goll , Hillary James, ‘11 Rafaella Rossi, ‘11 Anna Rawlins, ‘10 Allison Redman, Alyssa Coco, ‘11 Eve Johnston, ‘11 Shea Molloy, ‘12 Ashley Hughes, ‘10 Luke Miedrich , ‘12 Jsoh Gwin , ‘11 Jason Siegal , ‘11 Christiaan Perez, Jacqueline Smith, J aney Robeson, Etana Jacobi, Rebecca Galin , Sarah Labia, Anne Styles, ‘12 Steve Friedricks , ‘12 Alana Glaubiger , ‘11 Nadir Khan, ‘13 Adrienne Gillespie, ‘10 Sarah Santos, ‘12 Kagen Yelmene , ‘11

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In 2011/12, more than half of our graduating seniors earned Departmental honors , University honors, or Latin honors , Between 2011/13, 70 % of all social science students who graduated with Departmental Honors were our majors. In 2011 and 2012 one of our majors won the Undergraduate Library Research Award. In March 2012, 6 majors presented their research at the Colonial Academic Alliance Conference in Virginia.  Focused on Academic Excellence Presenters in 2012 Janey Robson Anne Styles James Yantis Christiaan Perez, Jacqueline Smith, Janey Robson, Shea Molloy

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Events for Graduates and Parents 2013 Graduation Brunch

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World Class Faculty

Focused on teaching excellence:

Focused on teaching excellence Our faculty are among the highest rated teachers at Hofstra and we do everything we can to make our classes relevant, challenging and interesting for our students. From: http :// Professors Janer , Jensen , Longmire , Saff (Chair), Rodrigue , Wiley . Professors Lippencott and Girma Professor Qiu

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We are committed to excellent Advisement and have come up with innovative ways to help and advise students From our Website and our Facebook Group

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“… I joined the newly formed department as one of their first Global Studies majors. I went on to become a double major, an aid in the department, and a peer teacher. I had the pleasure of watching the department grow, strengthen, and develop before my eyes. Most importantly though, I found a home there, a place where I was able to create meaningful relationships with professors. A place where I was constantly engaged with opportunities and meaningful discussions, and most importantly where I found a subject I was extremely passionate about. My time spent in the Global Studies and Geography department most certainly led me to where I am now. The professors motivated me to reach far and beyond a point where I thought my academic career would have ever taken me …” Our excellent Advising is appreciated by students “…I have a relationship with the professors and they happily sit down with me for hours discussing exactly what I need to do to be able to graduate on time. They are knowledgeable and have only ever advised me to do what is best for me .” “… In my time at Hofstra, the Department was very hands on and really took the time to know the majors and minors. I not only received a great education but also extremely valuable advisement… The faculty…have been extremely influential in my life and I really valued my time in the department .”

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The Program has been running successfully for over 20 years . All Hofstra Scholarships can be used to pay for classes on the program. Competitive Selection process. We build the Program into our advising. We offer a Semester- L ength Study Abroad Program

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We encourage Internships All interns maintain a blog Two students completed paid GIS internships at KLD, Fall ‘12

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MU KAPPA Professors Lippencott and Jensen Spring‘13 Inductees We have established the Mu Kappa chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon (International Geographic Honor Society )

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We have a thriving student club, “ Get Global ,”

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We have a student/alumni/faculty run Facebook Group that posts jobs, internships, department news and events. We also have a Department Facebook Page We post articles of academic interest

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Since 2008, about 20% of Peer Teachers at Hofstra have been from our Department. “ I became so inspired by my work as a Peer Teacher in the department that … I am applying for Master’s in Education programs so that I can pass on the rich global knowledge that I have gained in our department .” Rebecca, 2012 Peer Teachers Hello Global Studies students!  This is your peer teacher for GS 001 . We met briefly during one of your first classes,  and this is just a reminder that although your test is not for a while , I will be hosting review sessions for you at your request.  Also, keep in mind that any quick questions you have you can also email me about!  Don't be shy, remember -   I'm a student just like you, I took this class just like you. The discussion boards are also open for questions or comments that  you would like to raise or that you feel may be relevant to your classmates as well . Thank you, and I look forward to being able to help in any way I can!

Dr. Masaharu G. Inaba Memorial Endowed Scholarship:

Awarded annually to an undergraduate student who is a declared Global Studies and/or Geography major, and selected on the basis of demonstrated academic achievement or potential and economic need. The following criteria will be applied to this scholarship: a) A recipient must have successfully completed a minimum of 12 semester hours of Global Studies and/or Geography courses. b) A recipient must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 within the major. Awarded by the Office of Financial Aid and upon the recommendation of the Chairperson of the Global Studies and Geography Department, in consultation with members of the department. The scholarship award is in ADDITION to any financial aid and/or other awards that the recipient receives. In 2013/14, the award amount will be $5-6,000 for the academic year. Dr. Masaharu G. Inaba Memorial Endowed Scholarship This scholarship was kindly donated by the Inaba family, in memory of the late Dr. George Inaba who taught geography in the Department from 1959-1993. Reception for the Inaba family, 2012 (Gail, Ray, Mrs. Inaba , and Kim. With Prof. Wiley and Emeritus Professor Marcel Tenenbaum).

Manya and Max Tenenbaum Endowed Memorial Prize:

Manya and Max Tenenbaum Endowed Memorial Prize Awarded to undergraduate students for outstanding honors papers in Eco­nomics or Social Science Geography/Global Studies, with equal weight given to substantive content and to presentation and language. Awarded by the Office of Financial Aid upon the recom­mendation of the Chairpersons of the Economics and Geography Departments. Chelsea Whitfield, 2011, Global Studies, winner of the Tenenbaum Award. Get Global Event, 2013 Marcel and Millie Tenenbaum (with Grant Saff ), 2013

Lasting impacts on lives and careers:

Lasting impacts on lives and careers “… As a result of my experience in the Geography Department and the support of the staff, I was able to travel to Senegal for two months and Amsterdam for five months while I was enrolled at Hofstra … Today , I am a Vice President at a multi-national tech company with employees in seven countries, as well as a proud Hofstra alumni, both thanks to the amazing people at Hofstra's Geography Department .” Michelle, 07

Graduates have furthered their education at some of these institutions:

Graduates have furthered their education at some of these institutions Columbia University, Masters of Public Health CUNY, Graduate Program, Sustainability in the Urban Environment Duke University Hofstra University School of Education Hofstra University Graduate School of Business, MBA Hofstra University School of Law Hunter College, CUNY, Masters in Geography (multiple alumni), Newcastle University (UK ), Cross Cultural Communication and Applied Linguistics Peace Corps Penn State University Rutgers University , Masters of City and Regional Planning (multiple alumni), Salem State University, (MS), Geographic Information Science and Cartography School for Oriental and African Studies, University of London (UK) St . George's University (Medical School) State University of New York at Albany, M.A., Geography/Resource Management Stony Brook University Syracuse University - Martin J. Whitman School of Management (MBA) Teach for America (multiple graduates) Touro Law School University of Connecticut Uniwersytet Jagielloński (Poland) University of Pennsylvania, Law School Matt Craig, ‘07, MCRP Rutgers, Claire Stanek , ‘99, MA Hunter 2012 Graduates, Etana Jacobi, Wachtel Leadership Scholar, Rebecca Galin , Masters in Education, UConn, Sarah Labia, Touro Law School. Alyssa Coco, ‘11, MS in GIS, Salem State

Varied Career Paths, alumni, pre-2011:

Varied Career Paths, alumni, pre-2011 Senior Vice President at Citibank, New York President, Polo Ralph Lauren, New York Medical Doctor, Western Michigan University School of Medicine, Kalamazoo, MI Head Coach of Marquette men's lacrosse team, Milwaukee, WI Senior Environmental Consultant, First Energy, Ohio Founder and CEO, KJR Home LLC, New York Transportation Planner at MTA Bus, New York Corporate Manager, Toyota Financial Services, California Human Resources Manager, Paris, France Project Director, Charter School Program Grant at New Jersey Dept. of Education, NJ Adjunct Professor, Nassau Community College Client Development, Canandaigua National Bank, Rochester, New York Licensed Personal Banker, Astoria Federal Savings Planning Commissioner, Mercersburg, PA CEO, Web writing firm, New York Handwriting Therapist at Little Friends' Academy, New York Educational Liaison at Right Reason Technologies, New York Sales Representative at Weichert Realtors, New York Social Studies Teacher, Valley Stream Social Studies Teacher, Macau Anthony Sacco, ‘09 Adrienne Gillespie, ‘10 Alex Ng, ‘02 Joe Amplo , ‘01 Mike Carrigy , ‘10 Valarie Rizzuto , ‘09 Simon Burke, ‘06 Kathleen Marcel, ‘05 Chris Karampahtsis, 01 Ken Rood, ‘77 Paul Wolfie , ‘84

The varied careers of the 2011-12 graduates:

The varied careers of the 2011-12 graduates Assistant Producer at La Comunidad y Trabajadores Unidos , Radio Station, NY Freelance Graphic and Web Designer, New York Coordinator , New Hope Food Pantry, Salem, Oregon. The Harry H. Wachtel Leadership Scholar at Hofstra University CEO & Founder at, New York Project Manager, Terrapinn Inc , New York Intern at U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC Substitute Teacher at Kelly Educational Staffing, East Hartford, Connecticut Multimedia Journalist at Long Island Report Journalist, WABC-TV Eyewitness News Campus Staff Member, INTERVARSITY USA, Columbia University Director of Events, New Dodges Market, Elmer, New Jersey Operations, Bath & Body Works, Long Island Clinic Coordinator, IdealNOW , NJ Client Service Representative, Regus , New York Farming Volunteer, Hawaii English Teacher, South Korea Employee, Nassau County Board of Elections Manager, Camelback Mountain Resort, PA Music Production & Marketing, SkyLab Music Group., New York Export Agent, J&J international Transport Awarded Organization of American States Scholarship Etana Jacobi, ‘12 Steve Fredricks , ‘12 Christiaan Perez, ‘12

Alumni, Making a Difference:

Alumni, Making a Difference Sol Auerbach , 2008, Peace Corps, Malawi Matt Craig , 2007, Teach for America, Mississippi Alex Moore , 2011, Ecovillage Design Certification, Columbia (and Teach for America, Fall 2013). Monica Strzelecki, 2011, MA, Cross Cultural Communication and Applied Linguistics, University of Newcastle, UK Janey Robeson , 2012, teaching English in South Korea Kagen Yelmene , 2012 Congressional Intern, Washington, DC

What our alumni say about the Department::

What our alumni say about the Department: “The Global Studies department influenced my studies in many beneficial ways.  I especially enjoyed the flexibility of degree requirements and diverse student body that tends to participate in Global Studies classes…This degree is a wonderful resume builder …” “… I have just completed a Master’s Degree in Geography , and have recently been recruited to instruct Geography this semester at Nassau Community College. Next will be the PhD .” “I had found that the department I had previously been with was impersonal, and I never felt part of a community… being part of the Geography and Global Studies Department has been the main highlight of my time at Hofstra .” “Freshman year…I found my niche. I discovered what I was passionate about, and I owe that to those in the Global Department .”

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“ The Global Studies and Geography department is, quite frankly, the best department at Hofstra . They provide countless opportunities to their students, genuinely care about what they are teaching, and produce brilliant and accomplished graduates. They give Hofstra students a reason to want to come back to Hofstra …” Happy students become successful graduates

Socially relevant degrees:

Socially relevant degrees “I am a first year at Hofstra and so far I have felt extremely happy to be here! It has been an amazing first semester and that has a lot to do with my courses and professors. In particular, I wanted to take the time to share with you how benefited I feel after taking the seminar, Child Geography …the courage has been instilled in me to go after my passions in culture and global studies, and also to make the changes I care so much to see! Such courses of geographical studies must be valued because they can be applied to every scenario. We, as a society, must understand each other and other societies in order to peacefully develop as a world both on small and large scales .” (student, Fall 2012)

Strategies for success at College:

Strategies for success at College Choose a major as soon as possible (being undecided costs you time and money), Double (or triple) major, Do well in your classes (they all count toward your GPA), Graduate with Departmental Honors, Do internships, If possible, study abroad, Learn foreign languages, Meet with your advisor as often as you can, Maximize all your opportunities – volunteer, look for work in Departments, apply to peer teach, Join student clubs and network, Find a faculty mentor, Ask questions, Make yourself standout!

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Scheduling Courses in Global Studies and Geography   We endeavor to offer as wide a range of course offerings as possible. We are, however, dependent on how many classes are allocated to us every semester by the College and what teaching resources we have available (due to sabbaticals, retirements etc.). Noting the above, we provide the following guide to enable you to plan your schedule as best as possible:

To Learn More:

To Learn More To learn more about our Department and Programs

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See you in our classes

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