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Past Life Regression Therapy… Tired of the déjà vu feelings that you experience while meeting someone? Let PLR technique help you sort it out while strengthening and understanding present day relationships. Visit us on our website for more information about Past Life Brian Weiss.


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ABOUT JENNIFER ARANEO A QUICK OVERVIEW Jennifer Araneo is owner and founder of Mind Body Hoboken. She has worked with different types of healing modalities and has been meditating and practicing guided imagery for over 20 years.  Jennifer graduated with a B.A. from Villanova University in 1999, with a Minor in Japanese! Connect With Her on LinkedIn:

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Past Life Regression Therapy work, by connecting to you with your Karmic Cycles playing havoc in your life. It is a hypnosis technique which helps the person to resolve the issues of life related to past lives. It helps to overcome fears & phobia, to heal interpersonal relationships, and heal chronic disease also. For more information about the therapy of Past Life Brian Weiss can visit us at our webpage. Where we describe this with style of our working. Past Life Brian Weiss NJ

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She trained with Dr . Brian Weiss, MD in Past Life Regression Therapy author of Many Lives, Many Masters, Only Love is Real and Through Time into Healing to name a few. Our Skills Reiki Healing Session Deep Sleep Relaxation Meditation Womb Healer

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EMAIL ADDRESS: PHONE NUMBER: 201-994-3500 ADDRESS: 51 Newark St 402, , Hoboken, New Jersey, 07030, United States This is your life, you can take those minutes and hours of feeling crappy and turn it into minutes and hours of feeling wonderful. How will you choose to spend to your life?

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