Let's Go 2 - Unit 1 - At school

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http://www.agendaweb.org/vocabulary/school_objects.html *****

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http://www.oup.com/elt/global/products/letsgo/letsgo2/games/ > Unit 1 Find the pairs Write the words Match word picture Write right sentence

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AT SCHOOL hearwho.com

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Unit 1: At school Hi, Scott. How are you? I’m OK, thanks. How about you? Pretty good! See you later. Good-bye, Scott. How about you? I’m OK. Pretty good! Good-bye! See you later! I am = I’m 02

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Hi, Scott, how are you? I’m OK, thank you. Hi, Scott, how are you? I’m OK, thank you. Hi, Scott, how are you? I’m OK, thank you. How about you? Good-bye, Scott. See you later, alligator! Good-bye, Scott. See you later, alligator! Good-bye, Scott. See you later, alligator! See you later, alligator! Good-bye, Scott! The Hello and Good-bye Song http://www.angles365.com/classroom/songs.swf 04 LetsSing.Online

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I erase the board at school. erase the board speak English write my name read books 07

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http://www.anglomaniacy.pl/schoolTopic.htm Kiểm tra từ vựng

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YouTube - INGLES: at school Ab41 Schoolthings Exercises/school/classroom_things.htm http://www.english-4kids.com/quizzes/classroom-objects http://www.englishmedialab.com/Quizzes/Classroom objects.htm http://www.spellingcity.com/schoolthing

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a pencil sharpener http://www.eslkidslab.com/schoolbag Work a picture a paper clip a clock a door a window a calendar a workbook This is a pencil sharpener. That’s a clock. That is = That’s 10

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What’s this? What’s that? It’s a workbook. It’s a calendar. What is = What’s It is = It’s paper clip door calendar workbook picture clock pencil sharpener window Is this a calendar? Yes, it is. that No, it isn’t. is not = isn’t 1 2 3 4 5 6 Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. What’s this in English? http://www.marks-english-school.com/games 12 14

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an eraser What’s this? It’s a … … .

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http://fantastic.primary.googlepages.com/level15 eraser

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So you think the  two pictures beside are identical? Look again and try to find  5/10 differences in less than 3 minutes… http://www.britishcouncil.org/kids-games-labelling-school things http://www.eslkidslab.com/videos/schoolbag

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These are pencil sharpeners. Those are pictures. pencil sharpeners paper clips clocks workbooks calendars pictures windows doors 15 17

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What are these? What are those? They’re clocks. They’re pictures. 19

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Are these doors? Yes, they are. those No, they aren’t. are not = aren’t http://www.eslkidslab.com/singplural/this, that ... these, those 1 2 3 4 Yes No Yes No Key Are those doors? Are these clocks? Are those tables? Are these pictures? 21

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1 3 2 4 This door is little. That door is big. 22 Identify near and far objects with adjectives.

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http://www.authorstream.com/school-kindergarten These pencil -cases are new. Those clocks are round. Those pictures are old. These crayons are yellow. 23 24 Are these clocks square? Is that jump rope long? Is this robot thin? Are these erasers square?

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v v v v

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Notebook Pen Crayon Paper Book Ruler Scissors Rubber a paintbrush

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desk blackboard computer chair book bag pencil case a stapler a hole punch protractors a compass a calculator a magic marker The End

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