English 7 - Unit 13 - Activities

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Unit 13: ACTIVITIES A.1 Listen and read English 7 - Unit 13 - A1 - page 129 A. , 6 B. 3, 5 A. Sports

There were the ten most popular sports in USA:

There were the ten most popular sports in USA football volleyball basketball baseball soccer swimming badminton skate boarding rollerblading roller-skating tennis What / Which sports do you like? 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

Slide 3:

A.2 Take a class survey.

soccer :

soccer Skillful / skillfully He is a skillful tennis player. Yes. He plays skillfully. playing field đá banh Soccer is a game.

badminton :

badminton Badminton racket feathered shuttlecock

volleyball :

volleyball court bóng chuyền


baseball Baseball is a game played with a ball and bat. Bóng chày, dã cầu

football :

football Bóng bầu dục, banh cà na Football is a game.

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Slide 10:


table tennis :

table tennis table tennis paddle table


basketball backstop basketball player Bóng rổ Can we play basketball after lunch?

Slide 13:

Roller-skating Roller Skate

Slide 14:

skater in-line skate Roller Blades Rollerblading

tennis :

tennis tennis player tennis racket Tennis is a game played with a racket and a ball. quần vợt

skateboarding :

skateboarding skateboarder skateboard

Slide 17:

A.3 Listen English 7 - Unit 13 - A3 - page 131 Asks questions and answers: 1) What’s he? He’s a soccer player. 2) Is he a good soccer? Yes, he is. 3) What does he play? He plays soccer. 4) How does he play soccer? He plays soccer well.

Slide 18:

A.4 Read. Walking is fun. E7 - Unit 13 - A4

Slide 19:

A.5 Write. Change the adjectives in brackets to adverbs. A.6 Play with words. English 7 - Unit 13 - A*6 - page 133

Slide 20:

http://www.eflnet.com/vocab/fitness_vocabulary.php http://baigiang.violet.vn/100 câu trắc nghiệm (P.1) JClic: Learning English

B. Come and play:

B. Come and play Pg.134 B.1 Listen http://d.violet.vn/uploads/E7U13B1

Slide 22:

B.2 Listen Now make your own dialogues. English 7 - Unit 13 - B2 - page 135

Slide 23:

B.3 Read English 7 - Unit 13 - B3 - page 136 True or False? F Most of the world’s surface is land. T Before the invention of special breathing equipment, man couldn’t swim freely underwater. Now, scuba-diving is popular sport.. Jacques Cousteau invented special TV cameras. We can learn more about the undersea world thanks to Jacques Cousteau’s invention. water T F a deep-sea diving vessel F special TV cameras

Slide 24:

ocean pearl diver scuba pearl special TV camera diver special breathing equipment Frenchman

Slide 25:

B.4 Complete the passage with the modal verbs in the box. Fill in Can Must Must not Should Can Ought to/should Can Should

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B.5 Play with words. The ocean floor In a submarine for two. We can spend all day Watching fish play Near our submarine for two. We must not make a sound When a shark is around. Our submarine for two. dolphin It’s beautiful here. It’s the last frontier. Come and explore English 7 - Unit 13 - B*5 - page 138

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