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Unit 1: MY FRIENDS : 

Unit 1: MY FRIENDS Getting started Describe these groups of friends and their favorite activities. There are three boys in the first group. They are playing soccer. There are three girls in the second group. They are studying. There are two boys in the third group. They are playing chess. There are four girls in the fourth group. They are playing volleyball. a b c d

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Pg.10 - 13 Listen and read http://tulieu.violet.vn/document/show/entry_id/4650396 Pg.10 Nien Hoa Hue citadel Hoa: Hello, Lan.Lan: Hi, Hoa. You seem happy.Hoa: I am. I received a letter from my friend Nien today.Lan: Do I know her?Hoa: I don’t think so. She was my next-door neighbor in Hue.Lan: What does she look like?Hoa: Oh. She’s beautiful. Here is her photograph.Lan: What a lovely smile! Was she your classmate?Hoa: Oh, no. She wasn’t old enough to be in my class.Lan: How old is she?Hoa: Twelve. She’s going to visit me. She’ll be here at Christmas. Would you like to meet her?Lan: I`d love to. Audio English 8 định dạng MP3

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1. Where does Nien live? She lives in Hue.2. Does Lan know Nien? No. She doesn’t know Nien. 3. Which sentence tells you that Hoa is older than Nien? “ She wasn’t old enough to be in my class.” 4. When is Nien going to visit Hoa? She is going to visit Hoa at Christmas. 2. Answer the following questions:

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Speak http://thanhtan.violet.vn/document/show/entry_id/2013353 fat bald brown tall & thin short straight hair tall & slim long straight black hair short & fat bald head

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fat bald brown tall & slim short curly blond hair tall & fat short dark hair tall & slim long fair hair

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Listen http://tulieu.violet.vn/document/show/entry_id/4657598 Pg.12 http://tulieu.violet.vn/document/show/entry_id/4657610 Pg.13 http://tulieu.violet.vn/document/show/entry_id/4262533 Pg.12,13 a. Hoa: Hello, Nam. Nam: Morning, Hoa. Hoa: Nam,…………………………my cousin, Thu. Nam: …………………….,Thu. Thu: Nice to meet you too, Nam. b. Khai: Miss Lien, …………………………my mother. Miss Lien: ………………………………….,Mrs. Vi. Mrs.Vi: The pleasure is all mine, Miss Lien. Miss Lien: Oh, there is the principal. Please excuse me, Mrs. Vi, but I must talk to him. Mrs.Vi: Certainly. How do you doNice to meet youIt’s a pleasure to meet you I’d like you to meetCome and meet I’d like you to meet Nice to meet you I’d like you to meet It’s a pleasure to meet you

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Ba: Bao, …………………....my grandmother.Bao: Hello, ma’am.Grandma: Hello, young man.Ba: Bao is my classmate, grandmother.Grandma: What was that?Ba: Classmate! Bao is my classmate.Grandma: I see. Mr. Lam: Isn’t that Lan’s father, my dear?Mrs. Linh: I’m not sure. Go and ask him.Mr. Lam: Excuse me. Are you Mr. Thanh?Mr. Thanh: Yes, I am.Mr. Lam: I’m Lam, Nga’s father.Mr. Thanh: ……………………? Come and meet How do you do c. d.

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Read Ba is talking about his friends.

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Pg.10 - 13 http://tulieu.violet.vn/document/show/entry_id/4550312 Pg.13 a. Ba talks about_______ of his friends . b. Bao’s volunteer work _________. c. Khai and Song _________ . d. Ba’s friends sometimes ______ his jokes . 1. Choose the best answer and write: http://thanhtan.violet.vn/document/show/entry_id/2018680 A. three B. all C. four D. none A. helps him make friends. B. cause problems at exam time. C. does not effect his school work. D. takes up a lot of time. A. like quiet place C. dislike school B. don’t talk in public D. enjoy sports A. answer B. do not listen to C. laugh at D. get tired of

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a) How does Ba feel having a lot of friends ?b) Who is the most sociable ?c) Who likes reading ?d) What is a bad thing about Ba’s jokes ?e) Where does Bao spend his free time ?f) Do you and your friends have the same or different characters ? 2. Now answer the questions They sometimes annoy his friends . Bao is the most sociable . He spends his free time doing volunteer work at a local orphanage . We have the same characters. ( We have quite different characters. ) He feels lucky enough having a lot of friends . Khai likes reading .

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Write. http://thanhtan.violet.vn/document/show/entry_id/2018690 1. Read the information about Tam.

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2. Fill in a similar form for your partner. a) P1. What is his name? P2. His name is Le Van Tam. b) P1. How old is he? P2. He is fourteen. c) P1. What does he look like? P2. He is tall and thin. He has short black hair. d) P1. What is he like? P2. He is sociable, humorous and helpful. e) P1. Where does he live? P2. He lives at 26 Tran Hung Dao street. f) P1. Who(m) does he live with? P2. He lives with his mother, father and elder brother. g) P1. Who is/are his friend(s)? P2. Ba and Bao Use the following questions as prompts. a) What is his/her name? b) How old is he/she? c) What does he/she look like? d) What is he/she like? e) Where does he/she live? f) Who does he/she live with? g) Who is/ are his/her friend(s)? 3. Now write a paragraph about your partner. This is my friend. His/her name is .... and he/she is ..... years old. He/she .......... at ...... in .......... with his/her ................, his/her parents and his/her ..... sister, ... . He/she is ..... and ........... He/she has ...... black hair. He/she is rather shy but friendly and helpful. He/she has a lot of friends but his/her close friends are ... and .... .

Language focus : 

Language focus Simple tense Present simple tense: V (s/es) Past simple tense: V+ed / V2 S + be + (not) adjective + enough + to-infinitive (đủ …… để có thể)

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1. Complete the paragraphs. Use the correct form of the verb in brackets.Hoa (0)……… (live) in Hue last year, but now she (1) …… (live) in Ha Noi. Yesterday, Hoa’s friend Nien (2) ……… (send) Hoa a letter. Nien (3) ……… (be) Hoa’s neighbor when Hoa lived in Hue. She (4)………. (be) younger than Hoa.Lan (0)……(be) Hoa’s best friends. The two girls (1)……… (be) in the same class at Quang Trung school. Last year, Hoa (2)……… (come) to the school for the first time. Lan (3)…..…… (show) her around and (4) ……………….. (introduce) her to many new friends. Hướng dẫn phương pháp học tập bộ môn lived lives sent was is is are came showed introduced

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Sao Hỏa Trái Đất Sao Thủy Mặt Trời Sao Kim Moon Mặt Trăng

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Ba: What do you know about the sun, Tuan ?Tuan: The sun (0)……… in the east and (1)……… in the west.Ba: Can you tell me anything about the other planets?Tuan: I know something about the earth. It (2) ………… around the sun.Ba: Yes, and the moon (3) ………… around the Earth.Tuan: Where is Mars, Ba?Ba: It (4)…… near the sun.Tuan: No, it’s silly! That (5)……Mercury. Mars (6) …… near the Earth. 2. Complete the dialogue. Use the correct form of the verbs in the box. Ba is helping his young cousin Tuan with some homework. be move set rise go rises sets goes moves is is is

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3. Look and describe. Look at the picture. Ask and answer the questions. a) How many people are there in the picture? There are four people in the picture. b) What does each person look like? c) What is each person wearing? There is a tall and heavy-set man. There is a tall and thin woman with short black hair. There is a thin boy sitting on the ground, holding his head. There is a fat and short man standing across the street, before the bus stop. 1 2 3 4 The man is wearing a yellow shirt and black trousers. The woman is wearing a red shirt and a green skirt. The boy is wearing a white shirt and blue shorts. The man is wearing a pink shirt and blue trousers.

4. Complete the dialogue. Use (not) adjective+ enough... : 

4. Complete the dialogue. Use (not) adjective+ enough... Lan: No. It is not big enough to carry everything. (big) Lan: Don’t be silly! Ba is not old enough to drive a car. (old) Lan: No, thanks. I am strong enough to lift this box. (strong) Lan: I don’t think my English is good enough to be a member. a) Hoa: Can you put the groceries in your bag? b) Hoa: Is Ba going to drive his father’s car? c) Hoa: Do you need any help? d) Hoa: Why don’t you join our English Speaking Club? (good)

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Listen and read Mẫu câu enough(đủ...):* S + (not) Be + Adj + enough + (for + O) + to-inf (đủ để làm gì đó...)Ex: She isn't old enough to drive a car. He is strong enough to carry the box. Speak * Compound Noun:Miêu tả vật gồm nhiều tính từ :Kích thước + đặc điểm + màu sắc + Noun* a/an + Adj + Noun* Note : Miêu tả hình dáng thì dùng Be, miêu tả mái tóc thì dùng have/has.Ex: She is a beautiful girl. He has long black hair. Listen Would you like + to-inf phrase? (Bạn có thích...?)-> I'd love to.Ex: Would you like to meet her?Read * Câu hỏi chỉ về đặc điểm, tính cách :What + do/does + S + look like?-> đặc điểmWhat is he/she like?-> tính cách S + V + enough + adv (+ for + O )+ to. infiEx : She speaks English clearly enough for me to understand.

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WHAT ................... LIKE?    Ở lớp 6, chúng ta đã được học cấu trúc "What ...like...?" để hỏi thời tiết ở London như thế nào "What is the weather like in London?".    Bây giờ trong unit 1, chúng ta sẽ gặp lại cấu trúc này dùng để hỏi về đặc điểm, tính chất của một người, một vật hay một sự việc nào đó như thế nào.Example:            What is she like? (Cô ấy như thế nào?)              She is good-looking. (Cô ấy thật xinh đẹp.)     Từ đây chúng ta có cấu trúc câu sau: Structure:     What + Be + Subject + Like?           Meaning : ... như thế nào? Example:             What are the people like? (Mọi người như thế nào?)             They are very friendly. (Mọi người rất thân thiện.)

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Những động từ về quan điểm, cảm giác và thay đổi trạng thái với tính từ Những động từ này có thể được sử dụng với tính từ theo cách này được gọi là những động từ liên kết. Chúng còn được gọi là Copula verbs / Linking verbs.  Chúng có thể chia thành những nhóm sau: 1) Những động từ quan điểm: seem, appearYour plan seems realistic. Kế hoạch của bạn có vẻ thực tế.He appears older than he really is. Anh ta nhìn có vẻ như già hơn tuổi. 2) Những động từ cảm giác:  look, feel, taste, smell, soundThe blue dress looks better. Áo đầm màu xanh dương nhìn đẹp hơn.This fabric feels lovely. Loại vải này có vẻ đẹp.I didn't enjoy the food. It tasted horrible. Tôi không thích món này. Nó dở quá.These flowers smell beautiful. Những hoa này có mùi thơm.That sound system sounds expensive. Hệ thống âm thanh đó có vẻ đắt tiền. 3) Những động từ thay đổi trạng thái: become, get, go, turnShe became very angry when she saw what they had done. Cô ta đã nổi giận khi thấy những gì họ đã làm.As night fell the air grew cold. Càng tối, trời càng lạnh.The sun got hotter and hotter. Trời càng lúc càng nóng hơn.His face went white with shock when he heard the news. Mặt của anh ta trắng bệt với ngạc nhiên khi nghe tin.As I get older, my hair is starting to turn grey. Khi tôi già đi, tóc bắt đầu bạc đi. Không giống các động từ khác, chúng không thể hiện hành động.

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Exclamatory sentenceCâu cảm thán What + danh từ Ví dụ: What a clever boy he is ! How + tính từ Ví dụ: How clever the boy is ! How + trạng từ + ….. Ví dụ: How quickly he ran !

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When we use more than one adjective they should be used in the correct order. Adjective order is not entirely fixed but the general sequence is: - Determiner – Opinion/Value - Size – Age/Temperature - Shape - Color - Origin – Material - Purpose + Noun A good huge young round black Spanish leather riding boot Determiners are words such as a, an , the, this, that. These words are also kinds of adjectives. With two or more color adjectives use and. For example:- She's got a black and white kitten.Adjectives other than colors don't use and. For example:- She's got a little, black kitten. "She's got a little and black kitten" is incorrect. Value/opinion: delicious, lovely, charming Size: small, huge, tiny Age/Temperature: old, hot, young Shape: round, square, rectangular Colour: red, blonde, black Origin: Swedish, Victorian, Chinese Material: plastic, wooden, silver Ex: a lovely old red post-box some small round plastic tables some charming small silver ornaments OpSAShaCOMP

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http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/adjectives.htm#order Lưu ý : Từ số 4 - 6 có thể thay đổi vị trí Eg : Two pairs of good small new black Italian leather (Hai đôi giày da Ý màu đen mới nhỏ chất lượng tốt )Khi có 2 tính từ chỉ màu sắc trở lên ta fải dùng với chữ AND Eg : It's a white and blue shirt. (Đó là 1 cái áo sơ mi trắng xanh )

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Khi nghe ông Epstein giới thiệu Ông Charles Blake với bà Shirley Graham, lần đầu gặp nhau. Quí vị nghe câu “This is... “ tiếp theo là tên người mà ta giới thiệu và chức vụ. Thí dụ: Ông Epstein nói, “This is our Vice President, Shirley Graham.” Và ông tiếp tục giới thiệu:“This is Charles Blake of International-Robotics.” Sau đó ta nghe câu: ”Pleased to meet you,” hay “It’s nice to meet you.” Khi nghe người khác nói “Nice to meet you,” thì ta có thể nói, ”Nice to meet you too,…” hay “Same here.” Person A: "Hi, my name is Steve. It's nice to meet you."Person B: "I'm Jack. It's a pleasure to meet you, Steve."Person A: "What do you do for a living Jack?"Person B: "I work at the bank." * Khi chào Are you well? How are you? How do you do? Hello./ Hi. Nice to meet you. It’s a pleasure to meet you. GREETINGS and SALUTATIONS * Khi giới thiệu I’d like you to meet … . Come and meet … . * Khi đáp lại giới thiệu (It’s) Nice to meet you. The pleasure is all mine.

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COMPLE THE SENTENCES WITH APPROPRIATE WORDS PICKED OUT FROM THE LIST :*groceries *humorous *character *pleasure *lovely*photographs *principal *jokes *join *introduce1. She will ................... her friend to her mother .2. I bought enough ................... for all of us .3.You should ............ our English-Speaking club.4.That man told us a ................... story.5.His ........... make everybody laugh.6.Her ................ changed greatly.7.The ................. asked the teachers to come to a meeting.8.Going to the cinema is her ………....... .9.He has five ……................ of his baby.10.She is a ........... girl. introduce gloceries join humorous jokes character principal pleasure photographs lovely

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The End

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