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This guideline will help you to restore the AOL Desktop Gold icon. But, if even after following these steps you are unable to restore the missing icon of AOL, Do not worry! we help you, Call us at +1800-217-2106 toll-free number for online support.


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Welcome To AOL Desktop Gold Call For Support +1800-217-2106

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Is your AOL Desktop Gold icon missing on the PC or did you try to restore the missing AOL icon but faile d Do you really want to know how to resto re the lost AOL icon on the desktop A common fault that is frequently faced is the missing AOL ic on on the desktop even if it has been downloaded and install ed correctly. These are the steps to restore the AOL Desktop Gold Missing icon: Without wasting time lets start

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The meaning and sequels of the hidden gold shortcut of AOL Desktop. Steps to find the lost AOL gold symbol on the desk. In this way you can restore the missing desktop icon on the comp uter and also prevent the problem from happening again. Now lets look at the guide and see the shortcut of AOL Gold on th e PC desktop. Essential steps to follow before solving the hidden pro blem of Desktop Gold. Along with these 3 main sections the article will also gui de you on the reasons that make the Gold icon on the des ktop disappear from the desktop. 1 2 3 4 5

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When you can’t find the golden AOL icon in the list of wrapped symbols it is considered absent from the desktop. OR If the AOL icon is not visible anywhere including the system tray OR the Windows start menu the desktop gold shortcut is cal led missing. Forgot to mark a checkbox in the "Create AOL shortcut icon" checkbox during the installation of AOL. Your computer has ill-disposed software that controls and removes AOL shortcut symbols from the desktop. Device functions such as System Maintenance and Task Scheduler ar e stimulated which eliminates all broken shortcuts from the home sc reen including AOL. Your computer has a corrupt Icon.db cache file that collects all the ico ns on the home screen. Simply put the wrong file does not allow icon s such as AOL Desktop Gold to appear on the screen. 1 2 3

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Is the AOL desktop icon missing on your desktop screen It is always better to start monitoring from the basics. Here are the common problems and their likely solutions: First if you have the latest version of the Desktop Gold software if not download the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold. A Verify the Windows update settings and make sure your Windows PC is up to date otherwise click here to u pdate. B Check the system tray of your PC a nd if the desktop icon of the AOL d esktop is missing from the system t ray try reinstalling the AOL deskto p gold. C G r o u p G r o u p G r o u p Make sure the requirements of your computer meat system requirements set by American online.

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Note: Be sure to leave the mouse on the desktop while dragging the AOL icon. Otherwise the Desktop Gold shortcut will create an anonymous folder. • In case you have difficulty creating the AOL desktop gold logo on the desktop touch the cone shape in the system tray. And try to find the lost icon of AOL in the list. • If the AOL Desktop logo appears in the system tray list right-click the symbol to choose the Create Shortcut right. • But if there is no Desktop icon in the system tray open the AOL Gold program. And hol d the pointer across the AOL icon to choose "Save in the dock." • For the AOL gold icon missing from the desktop open the registration window and delet e the Icon. db cache file. • Go to the main unit of the system and drag the Gold symbol from the AOL desktop to the home screen. Important: Before deleting the cache file change the utility of the MAX CACHED icons to 10000 or more.

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Here are some more technical solutions for you If in any case you cannot apply the following solutions do not worry Si mply contact the experts at Desktop Gold for more help. For now these are the solutions to restore the missing AOL desktop gold icon:

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Right-click on the screen of your Windows desktop and click on the view option from the submenu. Now find and locate the option "that shows the des ktop icon" from the list of options. In case you find t he security unchecked click on it to choose. Now update the system by clicking on the Update b utton in the submenu or you can press F5. Your missing AOL icon should now appear on your desktop otherwise restart your system. Note that in case the "desktop icon" is already mark ed and the AOL desktop icon is not yet found you s hould look for other solutions.

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