Get hernia surgery in Varanasi to overcome hernia

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Overcome hernia through painless and scarless hernia surgery in Varanasi. Lead a healthy and active life by eradicating hernia.


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Overcome Hernia – Hernia Surgery in Varanasi


In layman terms, hernia occurs when organs like intestines are pushed via a weak abdominal section. This week abdominal wall can be genetic or can develop at later stages of life.


Hernia operations are quite common these days. Hernia operations are mainly classified into 4 categories, which are discussed here.


Inguinal When the hernia occurs in groin. Almost 9 of 10 surgeries are in this form. Here the intestine loop is pushed against groin muscles. These hernias affect men more than women. It is a common occurrence in the middle age


Femoral hernia, as the name suggests, occurs on thigh. The muscle where the body joins the legs are weak. It is where the intestine protrudes and causes hernia. Also, femoral hernia is more common among women. Femoral


In umbilical hernia, the weak portion of the belly button or naval is pushed by the intestinal muscles. Overweight women and mothers are at higher risk. This type of hernia can also be seen among newborns. Umbilical


Incisional An abdominal surgery always leaves the repaired area weaker. Sometimes, portion of intestines push through these weak sites causing hernia.


Non-surgical treatment is rare, as almost in every case hernia needs to be removed. Most of the times, surgical repairs are recommended by specialists. The two most common surgical hernia repair surgeries are Laparoscopic and Open repair surgery. Surgical and Non-Surgical treatment:


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