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The opening of Robbers is devoid of much colour, suggestive of perhaps a sombre tone to the music. However, the dusky haze that graces the scene holds a romantic element to it, which would lead the audience to believe it is perhaps a romance with a sinister turn. A ‘ rockstar ’ image is instantly created by lead vocalist, Matty Healy, through his use of costume, due to his leather jacket and sunglasses. The act is established merely seconds into the video through the use of titles cards, which also inform the viewers of the director.


The 1975 have regularly included ideas of drug usage in their songs (see: Chocolate) and their music videos, Robbers being no exception. Both Healy and his romantic interest are seen to be taking a cocktail of drugs on multiple occasions, alongside cigarettes and alcohol. This adds to Healy’s ‘ rockstar image’ that I previously mentioned. This makes him desirable due his flirting with danger, seemingly without consequence. However, both Healy and his romantic interest are shown to be vulnerable. This is notably shown in the scene below, of Healy merely sitting, contemplating. He is dressed in white to suggest his innocence and exposure to the darker world, which is perhaps the cause of his ‘ rockstar ’ image. The hazy hue through the window, is natural light, suggestive this being his natural state – meaning the ‘ rockstar image’ is just for show, like a defence.


The romantic relationship is signified greatly by the mise - en -scene. Quite often, due to proximities, Healy and the woman mirror each other, suggestive of their equal, mutual feeling towards one another. However, Healy is suggested to be dominant in these proximities as seen in the central image, where he is quite literally placed above the woman, showing perhaps her devotion to him. The silhouetted smiles of intimacy between them are lighted by ‘natural’ light, suggestive of what could be a ‘true’ love. The red fairy lights could either show the passion between the two of them or the danger they are about to face. Healy’s star image is quite literally translated onto this video, through his costume. The flamboyant, floral shirt is one that he regularly wears on stage, suggestive to fans that the character played by Healy in the video is in fact a representation of himself.


Healy is seen playing around with a gun, playfully pointing it at his love interest of which she visually expresses disapproval of. After this happens, Healy is the seen to point the gun at himself (top right) suggestive of a Romeo and Juliet type love – echoed by the shirt that he is wearing being similar to the costume of Leonardo DiCaprio in Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo and Juliet. This is further suggestive of the passion felt by Healy’s character which audience could interpret to also relate to his passion for his art. The couple are then shown to run into a convenience store, their faces partially covered, Healy’s shirt wide open. This is suggestive of Healy’s lack of care towards the potential consequences of his actions, due to the large, easily identifiable tattoo on his chest. It should be noted that each character have large amounts of red on them – for example, the woman's jeans and scarf and the detailing on Healy’s shirt. The common thread of red hues throughout the video are both suggestive of passion and danger, perhaps to remind audiences of the fine lines behind the two – as shown by Healy being shot in the convenience store.


Again, the Romeo and Juliet type passion can be seen at the ending of the music video. After being shot, Healy and his romantic interest engage in a passionate kiss in which his blood is smeared all over her face and neck. This is suggestive of them being at one together, as if they are soul mates. The back lighting creates chiaroscuro , suggestive if a distorted reality in which the two of them inhabit, where they are at the centre of their own universe (which is explained on the next slide by Matt Healy). We also see Healy open a napkin given to him earlier by his love interest with the words ‘you look so cool’ on it in red lipstick. This is a lyric taken directly from the song, of which is non-directly lip synced throughout the video. This again links to Healy's ‘ rockstar image,’ which is undoubtedly cool. The final scene if one of only a few showing Healy alone. He appears vulnerable in his positioning, almost weak. I believe that this is due to his ‘coolness’ being a mask for the troubled man underneath perhaps. It almost holds religious presence, due to the way in which the light shines down on him, The shadow he casts is almost twice as long as him, perhaps representational of the hidden demons the ‘star’ has.


// R O B B E R S // ‘Robbers’ is a love song, it was originally inspired by my love of the Quentin Tarantino film 'True Romance’, the story of an Elvis obsessed loner who falls in love and marries a prostitute. In the movie the couple run away to California after killing her pimp and stealing his drugs to start a new life financed by a once in a lifetime drug deal. It’s the sentiment behind the film that appeals to me, the hopelessly romantic notion that two people can meet and instantly fall in love, an escape story where love is the highest law and conquers all against the odds. Characters like Bonnie and Clyde always appealed to me as a teenager - couples so intoxicated with one another that they fear nothing in the pursuit of the realization of each other, actions fueled by blind unconditional love.  'Robbers’ is an ode to those relationships. The type of relationship all humans long for. All or nothing.  This video is about when love makes two people feel they are the centre of the universe.  - Matthew Healy 

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