Feature-rich Coin Operated Scale for Proper Measurements

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Use HiWEIGH’s coin operated scale to get the correct weight measurement results. These machines have a maximum weighing capacity and anti-cheat features.


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Feature-rich Coin Operated Scale for Proper Measurements Have you seen machines in railway terminals that display weight results on inserting coins Such a device is called a coin operated scale COS a common installation in almost every public place like bus terminus hotels and airports. If you are a fitness freak who is finicky about his weight management this device allows you to obtain weighing results in just a few seconds. Further you also do not have to visit a doctor’s clinic for checking your weight. Whether you are on your way to the office or flying off for an international trip you can easily spot coin-operated devices in public spaces. While you may be in a rush when traveling it will not cost you more than a few seconds and coins to figure out your weight and current condition of your health. Moreover you can weigh your luggage on these scales and the procedure is the same as measuring body weight. In this case you have to place your bags on the platform and put in coins to know the correct weight of your luggage. So if you are traveling overseas for one reason or the other you can get your luggage weighed and follow the bandwidth limit put forward by the airport authority. Lightweight luggage is not

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only easy to carry but also cut down your overall traveling cost. It is also important to share that not every coin operated scale you find is of top quality. It has been observed that most of these coin machines do not function properly. This could be due to technical glitches that develop after years of rigorous use. However many newly installed scales become non-functional after a short period of working. This is why it is important to use only top quality scales from reliable brands. When it comes to famous brands in the weighing industry we cannot help but mention the supremacy of HiWEIGH. The Shanghai-based company has an array of weighing scales and terminals and COS is one of them. If you are wondering why one must use and trust only HiWEIGH’s scales there are several reasons for it. 1. Maximum weighing capacity – While scales of other brands have a moderate weighing capacity HiWEIGH’s coin machine can measure 150 kgs and beyond. Wondering about the accuracy You can expect a slight alternation of up to 50g which is negligible. 2. Impressive coin receiver – For making these machines useful to a maximum number of people coin-operated scales are exclusively designed to receive any type of coins. It does not matter which country’s coin you are carrying you can get your weight checked easily. 3. Countdown timer – Apparently a countdown timer might not look as useful but it has important uses. For example when you need to measure many luggage pieces you can place as many as possible within the stipulated time. It is a useful feature undoubtedly. 4. Anti-cheat feature – Many coin machines can be manipulated by fraudsters to extract undue payments from the users. However HiWEIGH’s coin operated scale comes with an anti-cheat feature that prevents such fraudulent activities from taking place. Conclusion – Using a reliable and quality coin machine is important should you want to get accurate measurement results. So opt for HiWEIGH and make a smart decision. To learn more contact at - +86-21-58050298 +86-21-68271058 infohiweigh.com.

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