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Production and protection technology of SESAMUM:

Production and protection technology of SESAMUM Presented by:- Ashok kumar AD.No :- A-2009-01-13 Group NO.:- 6


PACKAGE OF PRACTICE CLIMATE- basically it is a crop of warm region of the tropics and sub-tropics. SOIL- grow on loam and heavy clay loam which are well drained. VARIETY- Punjab til-1, Krishna, RT-46, Partap . FIELD PREPARATION- seed bed should be fine firm and compact. SEED RATE- 3-4 kg/ha. SPACING- 45*15cm. SOWING TIME- may to july .

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MANURE AND FERTILIZERS- FYM 20-25 t/ha 30:60:30 N:P 2 O 5 :K 2 O Kg/ha. WATER MANAGEMENT- light irrigation required. WEED MANAGEMENT- first hand weeding should be done 20-25 DAS and second hand weeding after 40-45 DAS. Fluchloralin ( Basalin ) 1kg a.i ./ha in 800-1000lit of water as pre-planting spray may be used. Alachlor (lasso)@1.5kg a.i /ha as pre-emergence spray, may also be used. HARVESTING- leaves and capsule turn yellow and defoliation start. YIELD- 8-10 q/ha.


DISEASE MANAGEMENT PHYLLODY Caused by PHYTOPLASMA Vector LEAFHOPPER All floral parts are transformed into green leafy structure followed by abundant vein clearing in different lower part. Infloresenses is replaced by short twisted leaves closely arranged on the stem with short internode . Finally these plant looks like witches bloom. MANAGEMENT Intercropping with pigeon pea. Soil application of Thimet / Phorate @10Kg/ha. Spray of dimethoate @.03% at 30,40 and 60 DAS.

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ALTERNARIA Leaf Spot- Alternaria sesami Small black spots on cotyledonary leaves which is spread later on the upper leaves and plant are defoliated and stem infection. MANAGEMENT Seed treatment with systemic fungicides like Benlate , Bavistin . Spray Zineb .2% at the time of disease appearance.


PEST MANAGEMENT CAPSULE BORER - Antigastra catalaunalis Roll the top leaves and feed them. In the early stage of infestation, the plant dies without producing any branch or shoot. In later stage of attack, infested shoot stop growing. Larva bore into capsul and feed on developing seeds. MANAGEMENT Early sowing should be done. Two spraying of quinalphos 0.05% at 30 and 40 DAS. Two rounds of dusting with phosalone 4% or malathion 5% dust @ 25Kg/ha at 30 and 40 DAS.

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Til Hawk Moth- Acherontia styx Caterpillars feed on the leaves and defoliated the plant. MANAGEMENT Deep ploughing during summer season. Hand picking, collection and destructions of caterpillars. Two rounds of dusting with phosalone 4% or malathion 5% dust @ 25Kg/ha at 30 and 40 DAS

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