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HI-TECH Fence & Steel Industry is a subsidiary of NARTEL for telecom, power and construction Company it was established in 2006 by experienced professionals based on the countries construction and security demand.


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Welded Panel Fence UAE:

Welded Panel Fence UAE Hi-Welded panel fencing systems are made with 5mm/4.5mm dia vertical and horizontal wire and come with barberd at top and welded with rectangular mesh size of 50 x 200 mm with a special 3d profile for additional reinforcement. Hi- Welded panel fencing is a mechanically sturdy and durable products that also meet all visual criteria . Depending on the requirements imposed by the object to be protected and on your individual demands . Hi-tech's standard systems are characterized by the use of environmentally friendly material. For all products, Hi-tech uses galvanization and power coating for up- to- date corrosion protection. http://www.nartel-ksa.com/Standard%20Welded%20Panel.php

Misc. Steel Product Fabrication Saudi Arabia:

Misc. Steel Product Fabrication Saudi Arabia Hi-tech Fence and Steel industry is a Saudi Arabia based manufacturing company and a subsidiary of NarTel . Established in 2006 by Industry Veterans, Hi-Tech is committed to serve Kingdoms growing Security and Construction demands through its Fence and Steel Productions Units . Fabrication of high quality reinforced steel bar grade 60 with diameter range of 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm. Also Flat bar sizes range from 80X8mm, 70X7mm, 60X6mm, 50X5mm. http://www.nartel-ksa.com/hitechsteel/

Hi welded fencing UAE:

Hi welded fencing UAE   These products are made by dipping previously welded mesh into a bath of molten zinc. The entire fence or mesh, including the welded areas, is thoroughly sealed and protected against rust and corrosion . It is available in 25m roll and wire thicknesses between 2.5mm and 2.8mm, and option of PVC coated with 2.5/3.0 and 3.0/3.55mm and in different mesh platterns-50x50mm,50x100mm or 50x200mm. A range of heights of weld mesh fencing rolls is available from 1.0m to 2m high. http://www.nartel-ksa.com/fencing_system_standards_drawings.php

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Contact Us Address: Farazdq Road, Near Obaied Hospital, Malaz RIYADH 325752/11371,Saudi Arabia +966 11 2080072 PHONE NUMBER MAIL-US sales@nartel-ksa.com http://www.nartel-ksa.com

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Thank You For Watching http://www.nartel-ksa.com/ +966 11 2080072 sales@nartel-ksa.com

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