The Process of Name Change after Divorce

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The Process of Name Change after Divorce An adult is at liberty to change his or her name anytime after marriage or divorce. Legal name change after divorce is only necessary if you had adopted the name of your husband or wife legally. Remember that the names of children do not change because of marriage. However for a man or woman the marriage ceremony is enough evidence for name change. However when the union is no more and you need to get rid of the acquired name the law requires you to complete a legal name change process. Include the Request in the Petition This is one of the shortcuts you use to change your name during divorce. The success of this endeavor will depend on requirements in your state. The idea is that as the court decrees the divorce it will also grant your name change request. File the request for name change alongside your divorce petition. The court clerk will direct you on the forms that need to be filled and the proof or attachments that are required. Each state has a different process for name change after divorce. However these processes are fairly similar and only differ slightly. Ensure that the application form is filled in entirety to avoid delays. If you need assistance filling the form consult the court clerk for guidance. When the divorce

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is finalized and the decree captures a successful name change you can use the documents to change the name on other platforms. Social Security Card The social security office is your next best stop when changing your name. With the court order you have substantial proof and justification. You need to obtain a form for application of social security card from your nearest social security office. The form can also be downloaded from their website. There are documents that must accompany the social security application. One of them is the decree by the court for divorce and name change. You will need a certified copy of the decree which can be obtained where the divorce was filed and granted. You will be required to provide proof of identity as well as age. Present a copy of your birth certificate as proof of age. However your birth certificate will not be accepted as proof of identity. A copy of your passport or drivers license will do as proof of identity. The Social Security application form captures general information like your current address and name. It must be completed in a legible manner. The form is either mailed or delivered to the office if your case demands that. Ensure that you attach all the documents indicated on the social security website to ease the process of approval. It should take between seven and fourteen days to have the new social security card including the changes made. Driving License Name change on the drivers license is done at the Department of Motor Vehicle. You will need the divorce decree that captures approval of name change. Most states require you to fill a particular form that captures your old and new details. The requirements vary from one state to the other. The fees also differ depending on state. Passport Passports are crucial and sensitive traveling documents where discrepancies could be a serious cause of trouble. If you need to change your name you have to apply for a new passport. However the process of getting a new one depends on the duration you have had the old one. The forms for a passport that is less than a year old and those of a form that is more than a year are different. However both

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forms must be accompanied by the divorce decree that allowed change of name and your current passport. You also need a passport photo to accompany the application. The forms can be downloaded from the government website and sent to the passport office after filling. You will need to pay to get a new passport. Changing the Name after Divorce This means that you wait for the divorce decree to be released after which you commence the process of name change. Each state has different requirements that must be met. You need to consult the clerk to determine the documents and information that you must provide. The process is usually easier because you will be changing to a name that you previously held. The information on forms to be filled and requirements to submit is found on the website of the department. You will need to appear for the name change hearing depending on requirements for your state. Other states require publishing of the petition on local media. It is only after the petition is granted that you approach the Social Security Administration office. The process of name change after divorce depends on individual states. However it is easier if you engage an agent that is experienced and understands the procedures. This will save you time and energy you would require to move around from one office to the other. It give you time to organize other aspects of your life. Reference url : process-of-name-change-after-divorce

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