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Whether you're just starting your wedding-planning adventure or checking off the very last things on your wedding checklist, here are our favorite digital tools;, for planning the wedding you want while still having a life.


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Weddings Grand Junction

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About Hitched In GJ Hitched in GJ believes that planning a wedding (or event) should be fun! We have created an informational directory for all things weddings. Please note, that while we are geared towards weddings, most of our services listed are perfect for any event, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, corporate, holiday, etc. We work with vendors from all over the Grand Valley and have begun to expand our market to other smaller towns in Colorado . Whether you are looking for a venue to hold the Reception, finding the perfect florist or wondering where to take your   passport photos for your international Honeymoon, Hitched in GJ is here to help. No woman wants to be a Bridezilla and no groom to be wants to see the love of his life acting like one. We are here to make your life easier. We do the foot work, all you have to do is scroll through what we have to offer and find the perfect fit for your Big Day .

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Best For Planning Without The   Planner

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Photo Booth Vendors Photo Booths are a fun way to interact with your guests. People tend to loosen up when there are props around to have fun with! Additionally, these are a great way to create custom guest books .

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There are several different types of photo booths now that you can chose from, some of which don’t even need to be manned by a person. GIF Photo booths are becoming popular, as they are a less expensive option and they are completely digital !

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Things To Consider: How many hours will you need the photo booth? What kind of back drop will you want? What kind of props?

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Start Planning Today!

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Newly Engaged? Connect with Local Wedding Vendors today!

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