How Upcoming Hip-Hop Artists Can Promote Themselves To Receive More Ex

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How Up-Coming Hip-HOp Artists Can Promote Themselves To Receive More Exposure:

How Up-Coming Hip- HOp Artists Can Promote Themselves To Receive More Exposure 5 Tips For Artists


Introduction Why is exposure important? An artist’s success is measured by the number of fans he or she has. More fans = more ears listening to your music = more revenue($$$) in the long run. Here are 5 things that every artist should be doing to market themselves.


Youtube Youtube has brought success to a lot of major artists like the Weeknd for example. The key to using Youtube is posting quality content consistently. A lot of people post quality content, but stop doing it when they see they’re not getting many views. Don’t do this. Even if your view count is low, keep posting new tracks regularly, while sharing and promoting them on all your social media sites. If you need help for visuals like your thumbnail, I recommend hiring someone on Fiverr to design a nice looking image for your track. Bonus tip: Don’t just post a track and forget about it. Look for music blogs or forums where you can submit tracks and get more exposure

Using Social Media:

Using Social Media One of the best ways to get exposure nowadays. Share your music on all relevant social media sites. *Very Important* : Talk to your followers. Even if your fanbase is small, always reply to their comments. This is a great way to build rapport and establish a long-lasting relationship with your fans since they will feel closer to you. Follow fans of other artists similar to you.

Working In A Good Recording Studio:

Working In A Good Recording Studio First and foremost, if your music and recordings are bad or low quality, you’ll never get a good following. If you have a home setup, do everything you can to make sure your recordings sound as professional as possible. If you can afford it, record your songs in professional studios. I recommend you save some money, record with lower quality recording gear, and when you feel ready to record the final mix, head over to professional studio. This will save you time and money. If you don’t have much money for beats, you can always get free ones like these: CLICK HERE

Take Your Time:

Take Your Time Don’t expect overnight fame and exposure. Most artist’s who you think received overnight fame, actually had been grinding many years until they finally got a track that popped on the charts. Don’t put out a track as long as you think it’s not 80% as good as tracks from popular artists that you follow. Remember that good music is whats going to bring you fans at the end of the day, so don’t rush unfinished music out. In today’s hip-hop world, beats are as important as your vocals so make sure you get high-quality beats from producers who are already well-known for creating high-quality tracks like these: CLICK HERE

Attending Many Shows:

Attending Many Shows Reach out to small venues to see if you can perform, even if it’s for free at the beginning. When you’re starting out, it doesn’t matter how much people attend, you’re slowly going to get your name out there and learn to be more confident while performing. If you’re not performing, attend shows of artists you like and where you know you can find people that may like your music. You’re sure to make some good connections with possible fans.


Conclusion All the tips mentioned are going to require hard work and consistency. The more work you put in now, the quicker you will see results. If you need help on the more technical aspects of some of marketing, you can always hire a professional to help you out. Remember, consistency is key.

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