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11/1/2008 1 CENTER FRESH

Managing Director Perfetti Van Melle -Stefano Pelle : 

Managing Director Perfetti Van Melle -Stefano Pelle 11/1/2008 2

Global overview of perfetti &VanMelle : 

Global overview of perfetti &VanMelle Largest manufacture of confectionery and chewing gum products . two brothers ambrogio and egidio perfetti founded perfetti in 1946. Izaak van mella founded van mella in 1841. Perfetti acquired van mella in jan 2001. 11/1/2008 3

Perfetti brands in india : 

Perfetti brands in india Center fresh Center fruit Center shock Alpenliebe Alpenliebe creamfills Chlor-mint Chocotella Cofitos Fruittella 11/1/2008 4

Perfetti brands in india : 

Perfetti brands in india Happydent white Marbels Mentos Chocoliebe Big babol Alpenliebe lollipop Chatar patar 11/1/2008 5


SWOT ANALYSIS Innovation Promotional tactics Packaging Quality Maintaining technology superiority Price constrain STRENGTHS WEAKNESS


SWOT ANALYSIS Innovation within the brand Sugar free products Competition from international brand. Competition from domestic players . OPPORTUNITIES THREATS

Centerfresh in india : 

Centerfresh in india This is Perfetti Van Melle’s new ad for its liquid-filled chewing gum Center Fresh, the brand with which the Italian candy giant entered India in 1994. The launch price of this product was rs 1.50. In 1995, Perfetti dropped the price to Re 1. The real push for the brand, though, came in 1996 when Center Fresh associated itself with the Cricket World Cup 11/1/2008 8

Procedure of Centerfresh : 

Procedure of Centerfresh Mixing the mix Extrusion Coating Wrapping and packaging 11/1/2008 9

Hidden Competitors in India : 

Hidden Competitors in India Pan Flavored supari Chutki Pass Pass 11/1/2008 10

Promotion : 

Promotion Free sampling. Animated films. Trump cards. Advertising . 11/1/2008 11

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11/1/2008 12

competitors : 

competitors Orbit . Pim Pom Boomer . Spearmint. Juicy fruit 11/1/2008 13

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Targets every age group Low pricing thus savors all economic segments. Easily available. 11/1/2008 14

Pie chart : 

Pie chart 11/1/2008 15

Financial statstics : 

Financial statstics Overall turnover in india of chewing gum is rs 325 crore . In which centerfresh capture 33%. In between 2001-2006 confectionery market was growing at a rate of 8.7% Under confectionary market chocolate segment is growing at the rate of 10%,chewing gum and mint segment increasing at a rate of 12-15% and sugar segment increasing at the rate of 5%. Global confectionary market would rise 16% between 2006-2010. 11/1/2008 16

Benefits of center fresh : 

Benefits of center fresh Prevention of tooth decay Less stress and more concentration Help in maintaining natural whiteness of teeth Improve cognitive abilities And long term memory 11/1/2008 17

Future plans : 

Future plans Develop,manufacture and market high quality and innovative product for consumer. Sugarfree chewing gum will be preferred over sugary chewing gum in the obesity afflicted west. 11/1/2008 18


THANK YOU 11/1/2008 19

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