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Introduction To Retail : 

Introduction To Retail By:- HIMANSHU JAIN MITSOB 260217


WHAT IS RETAIL? Retail is derived from the French word “RETAILLIER” means Break Bulk. First point of customer contact. Consumption is by the end customer. Retailer is the person who sells goods in small quantities.

Functions of retailer : 

Functions of retailer Buying and Assembling of Goods Storage of Goods Credit Facility Personal Services Risk Bearing Display of Goods Supply of Information

Need for retail study : 

Need for retail study To drive the success of business in future Retail not only contribute to the GDP but also employs a large number of people. Retail employs 8% of the total workforce in the country. Retail trade has given the new concepts like Efficient customer response(ECR) and Category Management.

Retail as a career : 

Retail as a career Buying and merchandising Marketing Store operations Sales Finance Human resources Technology and E-Commerce Visual Merchandising Supply chain management and Logistics.

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