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FRYING Frying is a means of heat transfer that works by both conduction (direct contact) and convection (the natural movement of molecules in a fluid). Like boiling, and baking, frying is a method of cooking. Oil wicks moisture away from food surfaces.


FRYING oil heats to a higher temperature than water, frying is faster than boiling. rather than becoming soft as they do when boiled, or steamed. The resulting fried food is incomparably tasty, crispy, and beautiful.


Advantages it adds an outside layer of flavor and crunch to foods.. It adds texture and yields the smooth and taste-imparting feel that comes only from various oils and fats. In addition, frying gives a beautiful brown colour .


Disadvantages the process of deep-fat frying is dangerous and requires special equipment and controlled environments. Unlike water, oil can catch on fire, and oil fires spread quickly. Moist foods are not placed in hot oil because they cause boiling and popping, which can be dangerous.

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Frying Techniques Sauté Stir-fry Shallow-fry Deep-fry

Sauté :

Sauté To sauté means to cook quickly in a small amount of fat. The French word sauter means “to jump,” referring to the action of tossing small pieces of food in a sauté pan However,larger foods,such as slices of meat and pieces of chicken,are sautéed without actually being tossed in the pan. It create color and preserve moisture.

Sauté :

Sauté Meats to be sautéed are often dusted with flour to prevent sticking and to help achieve uniform browning. After a food is sautéed,a liquid such as wine or stock is often swirled in the pan to dissolve browned bits of food sticking to the bottom.This is called deglazing.The liquid becomes part of a sauce served with the sautéed items


Stir-fry Stir-frying is a variation of sautéing . In sautéing, the food items are usually tossed by flipping the pan,while in stir-frying, the pan is left stationary while the foods are tossed with spatulas or other tools.


Shallow-fry Larger or portion size pieces are used in pan frying ( chops,steaks , filets etc.) Use enough fat to cover the product by half.


Deep-fry To deep-fry means to cook a food submerged in hot fat.Quality in a deep-fried product Is characterized by the following properties: -Minimum fat absorption -Minimum moisture loss (not overcooked) -Attractive golden color -Crisp surface or coating -No off flavors imparted by the frying fat

Oils for Deep-frying:

Oils for Deep-frying The use of oils and fats has also become a health concern. vegetable oils, are recommended for human consumption, while saturated oils, such as palm and coconut oil, or saturated fats, such as butter or lard, are not recommended. Canola oil is considered good for one's health

Oils for Deep-frying:

Oils for Deep-frying Today, commercially manufactured oils specifically for deep-frying are recommended. Most of these oils are vegetable based , the most popular types are made from soy bean oil and canola oil. R efined and mustard oil is the best option for deep-frying.

Frying Equipment:

Frying Equipment shallow-frying is practiced in stainless steel, aluminum, and heavy cast-iron skillets, all with sloping sides. To sauté, there exists a French sauterne or sauté pan, which is wide like a skillet, but has low and straight sides.

Frying Equipment:

Frying Equipment Woks are available as self-contained electric units or as wide, deeply sloped circular pans that fit over a gas flame. They are often sold with lids so that foods can be steamed for part of the cooking time

Frying Equipment:

Frying Equipment Round or oval omelet pans are used to fry omelets. Restaurant kitchens often fry eggs, pancakes, sausages, and sandwiches on large steel frying surfaces called griddles, but home cooks can purchase small, hand-held griddle pans for the same purpose

Deep fryers:

Deep fryers Deep-fat fryers are available in many sizes, from large multigallon commercial vats to small personal fryers that hold two or three cups of oil.

Deep fryers:

Deep fryers Deep-frying occurs in the deep fryer, with a fry basket insert, the long-handled slotted skimmer, or, as in China, the spider (small basket) attached to a long bamboo handle. Deep-frying thermometers are used to help the cook maintain a constant temperature. Fuel can be gas or electric .

Frying Methods:

Frying Methods Basket method - Product is placed in the basket and lowered into the fat in the basket. Double basket method - Same as 1., but a second basket is placed over the the product to keep it from floating.

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