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SUMMARY From this presentation you will learn about the cleaning equipments that are widely used by housekeeping department in the hotels. Cleaning Equipments can be classified into two terms- mechanical and manual cleaning equipment.

Types of cleaning equipment:

Types of cleaning equipment MECHANICAL Vacuum cleaner Wet vacuum Wet extractors Rotary Floor Machine MANUAL Brushes Containers Brooms Dusters cloths Mops

Vacuum Cleaner:

Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum cleaners are the greatest friends of housekeeping cleaning staff. They come with nozzles and attachment for all types of surfaces. Vacuum cleaner can be categorized into two types. such as: The Upright Vacuum (operate on a combine suction) The Floor Vacuum (cylindrical and spherical that woks on solely suction)

Wet vacuums:

Wet vacuums Wet vacuum is used to absorb water from floors and to rinse the soiled area with the help of suction and water sprayer . Wet vacuums cleaner have collection tank which store the water to absorb water from floor. Wet vacuum cleaners are available in several shapes and sizes .

Wet extractors:

Wet extractions have suction and water injection features. With this they simultaneously rinse and suck water from the surface. They are best for both carpets and floor. The basic principle of operation is that the extractor sprays water and detergent onto the surface and then uses suction to extract the water into tanks build into the wet extractor Wet extractors

Wet extractors:

Wet extractors Wet extractor come in various shapes and sizes. They come in lighter portable tank versions, as well as the heavy duty push-cart variety. Some extractors can also have a feature for dry pick-up like normal vacuum cleaner.

Rotary Floor Machine:

Rotary Floor Machine


ROTARY FLOOR MACHINE Rotary floor machine are used for multipurpose e. g shampoo, polish, scrub just by changing one attachment it can be applicable in both floor and carpets. They can be used for both carpets and floors just by the change of an attachment. The rotary machine build-in trays for dissolving detergents and tanks for water absorption and supply.

Use and Maintenance:

Use and Maintenance All machines must be handled by trained and experienced people only. Improper use of the machine can cause damage. Hoses must be checked for any leaks. Electrical cords must be checked. Small objects like pin and needles must be removed before vacuum cleaning. Any large object should also removed from the floor as it could damage the suction process.


Mops Mops are easy way to clean dust from floors. Mops should be washed with foamy water or detergents and dried properly. Care and cleaning of mops- Shake mop well after use. Detached the mops head and washed it in hot soapy water with detergent (never both together). the mop must be worked up and down in at least two changes of clean, and hot water. The clean mop should than be tightly squeezed out, shaken well to get rid of excess moisture, and left to dry in open air.

Some Types of mops:

Some Types of mops


containers Some types of containers are used in hotel industry: Buckets are found in plastic and metal which are primarily used to carry water, detergent and chemical ions removing spills. Dust pans are used for collecting dust with the help of brushes. Housemaid box work as a plastic carry case for carrying various cleaning equipment, brushes and dusters. Plastic waste bin are used for quest rooms, offices, bathroom, restaurant etc.

Use and Maintenance:

Use and Maintenance Most containers are made of plastic these days for aesthetic appeal, lightness and easy maintenance. Containers must be clean everyday. They must be dried before stacking.

Brushes :

Brushes Brushes are made of different material which comes in variety of sizes and shapes

Uses of brushes:

Uses of brushes To clean sensitive surface e.g. lampshades, feather brushes are used. Special nylon toilet brushes are used to clean WC. To clean carpets, carpet hand brushes are often use as a substitute for vacuum cleaner. Care and cleaning of brushes- Brushes should be gently tapped on a hard surface to loosen dust after the cleaning process. And then washed it, the final rinse should be in cold saline water to help the bristles regain their stiffness, dry it in sun or open air.


Brooms The main job of a broom is to take away the large particles of soil from hard and tough floor. Types of brooms: Soft-bristled brooms Wall brooms Hard-bristled brooms Use and maintenance of brooms ; Brooms are maintained in the same manner as brushes.


Dusters Dusters are used in hotels to clean loose dust and wash various surfaces. Dusters comes in various sizes for different purposes. Dusters are made of soft cotton, flannel and artificial feather mounted on a stick. Care and cleaning of cloths- Good care of cloth is important for efficient cleaning and longer life.

Some types of cloths:

Some types of cloths Care and cleaning of cloths- good care of cloths is important for efficient cleaning and longer life. Duster . Swabs and wipes Floor cloths Glass cloths Wet cloths scrim

Care and cleaning of cloths:

Care and cleaning of cloths CLOTHS Dusters Swabs and wipes Floor cloths Glass cloths Scrims Wet cloths CARE AND CLEANING Wash, rinse and dry thoroughly after use. Wash in hot detergent water, rinse and dry thoroughly after use. Those used on WCs should be disinfected after washing. Wash in hot detergent water, rinse, disinfect and dry thoroughly. Wash, rinse and dry after use. Wash, rinse and dry after use. Wash in hot detergent water, rinse, dry and disinfected periodically.

Storage and cleaning of housekeeping equipment:

Storage and cleaning of housekeeping equipment Cleaning equipment requires attention to avoid cross-transmission of microorganisms and growth of microorganisms in dirty environments Tools and equipment used for cleaning and disinfecting must be cleaned and dried between uses (e.g. buckets, mop handles, squirt bottles, wet floor signs) Mop heads and cloths should be laundered daily and dried thoroughly before storage

Storage and cleaning of housekeeping equipment:

Storage and cleaning of housekeeping equipment Cleaning equipment shall be well maintained, clean and in good repair Cleaning carts: Should have a separation between clean and soiled items; Should never contain personal clothing or grooming supplies, food or beverages; Should be thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day; In long-term care homes, cleaning carts shall be equipped with a locked compartment for storage of hazardous substances and each cart shall be locked at all times when not attended

Storage and cleaning of housekeeping equipment:

Storage and cleaning of housekeeping equipment All cleaning products should be appropriately labeled and stored safely Chemicals must be clearly labeled with Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) information and MSDS must be readily available for each item Housekeeping Rooms/Closets should never contain personal clothing or grooming supplies, food or beverages

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