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Brines, Cures and Marinades:

Brines, Cures and Marinades works to preserve foods, enhance flavor and its protect its shell live of the product


Curing Curing is a method of preservation and the process dehydrates the meat and thereby preserves it.

Ingredients for Curing Foods:

Ingredients for Curing Foods The salt is the most important part of the composition. Inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast and molds. Add flavor. Other ingredients Nitrates and Nitrites of sodium and potassium. These control the growth of botulism. Salt petre which is a nitrite and reacts with the pigment in meat and gives it pink color. MSG is a flavor enhancer.

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S ugar sugar, including corn syrup, honey, and maple syrup, are used in some cures . modify the flavor Counteract the harsh flavor of the highly concentrated salt Salt extracts so much moisture, sugar adds to the perception of moistness HERBS, SPICES, AND OTHER FLAVORINGS Nearly any spice or flavoring that can be used in cooking can be used in curing . Most of our most familiar cured sausages, for example , are of European origin and use such seasonings as garlic, pepper, coriander, caraway, nutmeg , and dry mustard.


DRY CURES ingredients (salt, plus seasonings and, in many cases, sugar and Prague Powder ) mixed together and packed or rubbed and coated over the food product length of time depends on their thickness . In long cure, the food is repeatedly turned and rubbed with the cure mixture in order to maintain uniform contact


BRINES A wet cure is also called a brine, although brine literally means a salt solution.  Brines moisturize and tenderize. consists primarily of salt dissolved in water. Sugar, herbs and aromatics may be added to the brine rine to counteract the strong salt flavor . The simplest way to use a brine is to immerse the meat in the brine and let it soak until the cure is complete . length of time for brining depends on the size and thickness of the item . Do not reuse brines


Marinating A marinade is a seasoned liquid with various aromatics in which meat, poultry, game and even vegetables are steeped . To marinate means to soak a food product in a seasoned liquid in order to: Flavor the product. Tenderize the product. to add flavour and taste to the food. to act as a tenderizer and break down the connective tissue (this is done by the acid in the marinade. To act as a preservative. function of a marinade

Components of marinade:

Components of marinade Oil –olive , peanut, salad or plain refined oil. Flavored oils such as garlic oil, and herb flavored oil can also be used. Helps to prevent moisture loss. Acid –Citrus fruits, vinegars (plain and flavored), lemon juice, yogurt, red and white wine are generally used.   It carries flavors. It helps in tenderize the protein food. Aromatics – such as herbs, spices, proprietary sauces. Seasoning – primarily salt, sea salt, black salt, garlic salt, rock salt and grain salt . Suitable for long marinating

 Kinds of marinade:

  Kinds of marinade

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