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Wrong Choices included one of the following Large osteophytes at symphyses Sub- chondral sclerosis of the symphysis on the right Correct: Enlarged pubic bones, alternating decreased and increased radiodensities , and erosions of the articular surfaces of the symphysis

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Fusion of both SI joints. Hips: decreased joint spaces and subchondral sclerosis Wrong Loss of normal trabecular structure Inflammatory changes SI Osteopenia

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Avulsion fracture greater trochanter Compression fr. femoral head Fracture anatom . neck of femur Intertrochanteric fracture Compression fracture Femoral head fracture Femoral neck fracture Inter-trochanteric fracture Femoral head fracture Inter-trochanteric fracture Subcapital fracture Sub-trochanteric fracture

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Avascular necrosis Bone infarct Complete inter-trochanteric fracture Stress fracture Explanation: An area of high signal on the T2 image, surrounding a low signal intensity line, that does not quite extend through the femoral neck.

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