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Are you planning to buy a new construction house in Kerala?Then you should know certain things before investment.Here it is.Visit :


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Tips For Buying a New Construction Home

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He will give you the most valuable information  1. Find a great agent Hire a well experienced real estate agent. Make sure that the agent is not connect with builder  He will give you the most valuable information  Agent needs to accompany you to the site on the first few visits

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2. Be creative during negotiations You can approach a deal b asking a builder to pay the closing costs   Research  builders prior projects or have your agent do the same Do not sign anything unless all the details of the negotiation has been agreed  3. Get everything in writing

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He will give you the most valuable information  4. What you see isn’t always what you get It is important to know what the things that are available and what things you will get and obviously the cost associated with them. Research your builder before making a purchase of the house  5. Do your research on the builder Make sure to visit other projects that the builder might have done in the past

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6. Get a guarantee Get all the details written in the purchase agreement document builders have a provision of the customers opting for an independent house inspection and making repairs  7. Get the home inspected

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Look at the future aspects of a building before opting to buy one.  You must ask the agent to get the warranty information early and upfront from the builder  8. Find out what’s covered 9. Look at the future

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