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Aeropress Coffee maker is a innovative brewing method that helps to make best cups of coffee at home.


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HiLine Coffee Offers Fast and Convenient AeroPress Coffee Makers

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Formed out of epiphany the HiLine Coffee Company offers alternative coffee brewing options with high-end French presses made from glasses and metal. Based in New York HiLine Coffee specializes in providing high quality specialty coffee that people can enjoy. They only sell tried and tested coffee machines from professional La Marz oc c o’ s to at- home Keurig and Nespresso brewers so that people can make a decent cup of coffee everyday with AeroPress coffee maker.

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AeroPress is the best single serve coffee maker that adds convenience and consistent quality throughout the day. Similar to a FrenchPress this machine offers a far shorter brewing period. It especially designed to give people an espresso-strength cup of coffee rather than filter strength. One of the key benefits to the AeroPress coffee maker is that it requires only about 30 seconds of brewing time in the comparison the four to six minutes consumed by a French press. In addition it is very small light and compact which means i t’ s a great option for travel.

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AeroPress is not breakable but it last for a very long period under the normal use. The coffee brewed with this machine is less acidic than prepared from the drip coffee makers. Also it is easy to clean and has little sediment due to the filter paper. The HiLine coffee features personalized roasted-to order coffee beans as well.

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In a nutshell the AeroPress coffee maker is an innovative coffee device that offers numerous advantages to coffee drinkers. This is a labor intensive way of getting a cup of coffee much more so than pod or cup-based system or even a conventional drip coffee maker. For more information about shipping returns and more visit

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Contact HiLine Coffee Company 212-951-0720 Address: 1133 Broadway Suite 706 New York NY 10010 Website:

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