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Hideki Frazier is a highly skilled martial arts instructor based in La Habra, California. He graduated from Ramsey High School in 1981 and since then, he is teaching martial arts to children, teens and adults for self-defense and to build better leaders in our community. In 1982, he opened his first martial arts school known as Tae Kwon Do Defense Academy. He enjoys spending his free time working on cars and going to shooting range.


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Hideki Frazier Started His Martial Arts School In 1982:

Hideki Frazier Started His Martial Arts School In 1982

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A martial arts trainer residing in La Habra, California, Hideki Frazier completed his graduation from Ramsey High School in 1981. After graduating, he made a career in martial arts. Hideki Frazier opened his first martial arts school called Tae Kwon Do Defense Academy in 1982. In this academy, the students between 5 to 70 years of age are trained in martial arts. This depicts that age doesn’t actually matter when it comes to martial arts.

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Anyone can learn martial arts at any age if they have a will to learn. Hideki Frazier started this academy to develop tournament and kickboxing competitors. Martial arts training according to him will help in building society that is stronger and safer. Frazier himself started learning martial arts when he was only 13 and thinks that it’s a life long process. He loves this sport and this is the reason he has dedicated his whole life to teaching it to children as well as adults.

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His Frazier Martial Arts School was established to help people from all age groups learn this art of self defense. The main aim of Hideki Frazier’s school is to focus on character building and child safety. At his school, students attend fitness kickboxing, Thai kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes. Special attention is paid on training kids in this martial arts school.

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Hideki Frazier helps the needy and has contributed a lot towards the development of the society. He provides free martial arts classes and self defense to women and local teachers as he believes that it is very important for women to learn self defense so that they can defend themselves when necessary. He also donates time and money for various causes. Hideki Frazier loves spending his free time watching television. Apart from this, he really enjoys working on cars and going to shooting range.

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