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HI Accounts - GST Approved Accounting Software with advanced features for all types of business enterprises with auto GST calculation Budget and financial management financial reporting and analysis Preparation and maintenance of full set of accounts Preparation of management and financial accounts HI Accounts - Formation of limited companies and registration of business HI Accounts -Assisting clients in meeting their statutory obligations HI Accounts - Attending company meetings and creation of seconds and resolutions HI Accounts - Preparation and submission of annual tax returns HI Accounts -Share registration and maintenance of statutory books, documents and registers to clients & in any formation For More details contact us on below given details Tel: +60341415073 Email: Visit our Website: Price: StartsfromRM788


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ht t ps : / / www. f acebook. com/ hi account s www. t wi t t er . com/ hi _account s www. hi account s . com | or der hi account s . com HYSOFT SDN BHD 1124712- V 28- 01 L ev el 28 I nt egr a T ower The I nt er ma r k 348 J a l a n T un Ra z a k 50400 Kua l a L umpur 603- 2775 9746 Sof t war e F REE L i mi t ed t i me onl y

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