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iv-st. augustine methods & sources


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Sacred Scripture : 

Sacred Scripture The church has only one thing in mind in its moral teachings on the social order, that is to interpret and bring the Christian point of view to bear on the social situation, as drawn from God’s Revelation in the Bible. The Sacred Scripture together with the Sacred Tradition make up a single deposit of the Word of God. Through the inspired Word in Scripture, the Church receives God’s Self-revelation to His people. Examples of the Sacred Scripture are the Ten Commandments and Bible. The Ten Commandments, Christians recognize that love for God is intrinsically linked with love for others, for the simple reason that our fellow humans are also created and loved by God. The Bible provides the basic moral norms for daily living, as well as the sources for Christian formation of our conscience.

Reason : 

Reason The Catholic Church has always esteemed philosophy, history, and secular sciences as studies that are invaluable at arriving at complex moral judgments. Traditionally, the Catholic moral perspective is noted for its teachings on the natural law. Natural Law refers to the moral norms for human conduct drawn from our human nature. God created human persons with a nature, a specific principle of activity, that gives us insight into the basic meaning and purpose of our lives. This enables us to make reliable judgments about the basic human values needed to live in harmony with one another. Our REASON leads us to think about why we exist at all, and for what purpose.

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The key claim of natural law reasoning is that our human nature, especially as viewed with God’s revelation, is the basic norm for judging what is genuinely true and good for all persons, and a source of harmony for all. By closely analyzing what is needed for humans to live together in peace and order with one another, we can discover the basics of what we are about, and of the Creator’s will for how we freely act. One conclusion we can draw from natural law reasoning is that there is a natural order in the world and basic human relationships that we need to respect. Indeed we have seen that the natural law “is nothing other than the light of understanding infused in us by God, whereby we understand what must be done and what must be avoided. God gave this light and this law to human persons at creation.

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Human Experience : 

Human Experience

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IV- St. Augustine Made by: Suzanne Buitizon Hanna Mae Matubis Mary Grace Ynot

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