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UNRAAVEL A reading technique to make you more aware of the text you are reading.

The steps of UNRAAVEL : 

The steps of UNRAAVEL Underline the title. Now predict the passage. Run through & number the paragraphs. Are you reading the questions? Are the important words circled? Venture through the passage. Eliminate incorrect answers. Let the questions be answered.

Underline the Title : 

Underline the Title How does this help me? Most readers skip over the title. It helps you prepare for what you are about to read. It allows you to begin making connections.

Now Predict the Passage : 

Now Predict the Passage How does this help me? Predicting the passage helps you to begin connecting the passage with what you already know. Predicting helps guide your reading and keep you focused as you test your prediction.

Run through & number paragraphs : 

Run through & number paragraphs How does this help me? When you locate answers, you can write the paragraph next to the question quickly. It helps you organize the text on the paper and in your head.

Are you reading the questions? : 

Are you reading the questions? How does this help me? Pre-reading the questions helps you focus on the important information. Pre-reading the questions saves you time so you don’t have to hunt for answers. You can use the numbered paragraphs to help locate answers quickly.

Are the important words circled? : 

Are the important words circled? How does this help me? Circling important words helps me locate the important information quickly. Circling important words also helps me stay focused on the reading.

Venture through the passage : 

Venture through the passage How does this help me? This is the fun part of reading. Enjoy the passage. It might help if you write connections in the margins to keep you focused on the text.

Eliminate incorrect answers : 

Eliminate incorrect answers How does this help me? Eliminating incorrect answers makes it easier to locate the correct answer. Eliminating incorrect answers allows you to have less choices in case you are unsure of the correct answer.

Let the questions be answered : 

Let the questions be answered How can this help me? Using all of the previous steps, answering the questions should be a piece of cake. Always double check that you’ve answered each question (and if you have to bubble an answer sheet be sure that the correct answers are marked).


UNRAAVEL IT! Although this seems like it will take valuable test time away from you, it will do the complete opposite. The more you practice it, the quicker it will become and the better your test results will be. Try it!

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