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Herringbone & Sui creates impeccable made to measure suits and Indian formal wear for sophisticated men. Explore our latest collections of luxury suits, sherwani's and bandhgala's. Learn More:


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Made to measure suits: The Freshmaker Made to measure suits is commonly referred to as the custom suits that are cut and stitched with a custom size pattern. Most referred common name used is “custom made”. The attack of a made-to-quantify piece of clothing is relied upon to be better than that of a prepared to-wear or ready-made of clothing on that made-to-gauge articles of clothing are developed to fit every client separately in view of a couple of body estimations to tweak the previous example. Made-to-gauge articles of clothing dependably include some type of institutionalization in the example and assembling while bespoke fitting is totally produced using scratch in view of a clients particulars with undeniable regard for minute fit subtle elements and utilizing numerous fittings the development procedure.

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A pattern for a suit for you: Fabrics like stripes or checks it does not relate to suit making pattern the coat you wore to work today has an example for every sleeve front boards backboards et cetera. Same goes for your pants and vest. These examples are put on a texture jolt and followed in tailors chalk onto that texture. The texture is then sliced by the tracings and after that amassed as what you know as a made to measure suits.

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A process of making made to measure suits: Consultation: The consultation with the tailor it is first started with the process of styling cuts fabric of the material. This helps us with what we need for your suits exactly. Measurements: This measurements process takes time but the output will be fitted to our body type. According to our body shape measurements will be taken.

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Fabric selection: The fabric selection helps us to get the perfect suit for the occasion we need to wear. The fabric reflects the type of the occasion the suit is stitched. Cuts: The made to measure suits are the royal cut which is individually cut according to the measurements. Final output: The final output suit which is the handcrafted suit measured according to your size and fittings and customise the buttons and colour metal and patterns

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Conclusion: Many comforts and styles can be created in the made to measure suits. Personal touching is the added advantage of made to measure suits. You can easily carry yourself in this stitched suits.

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