How AASR Helps Student-Athletes 9-11-13

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How AASR Helps student-athletes:

How AASR Helps student-athletes

How AASR Helps:

How AASR Helps Free Recruiting Process Education MyScoutingReport Free Online Recruiting Profile Photo, Schedule, Article, Game/Highlight/Tryout Skills Video Uploads Unlimited updates College Matching Program - The key to earning a scholarship is early exposure to college coaches. Game Video Services - Game Filming and Skills Videos Game/Highlight Video editing and hosting

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PowerPoint Presentation: Financial Aid and Scholarships Parents Role in the Recruiting Process NCAA Recruiting Calendar Eligibility Recruiting Terms Recruiting Visits Camps and Tryouts Top 10 Things To Do Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid Free recruiting process education

Free Online Profile:

Free Online Profile

Nationwide prospects directory:

Nationwide prospects directory

College Matching PROGRAM:

College Matching PROGRAM FEATURES You control your recruitment! Upgrade to an Official MyScoutingReport customized webpage Schedule camps and tryouts before junior year Risk Free! 100% money back guarentee + AASR will continue to promote you for FREE!!! Unlimited recruiting education and consultations Guidelines about what to say when contacting college coaches

PowerPoint Presentation: College Matching PROGRAM BENEFITS Contacting college coaches early allows them to follow your development  Coaches can evaluate your skills immediately with game/highlight/skills videos  Build name recognition with periodic updates for college coaches  Schedule and attend college camps and tryouts before your junior year Earn a scholarship offer to make a verbal commitment during junior year!    Be part of the 2.9% of high school seniors that plays in the NCAA! SAVE TIME!  Start early, while others hope will be noticed at the last minute! SAVE MONEY!  A small investment can save thousands of dollars towards for a 4-5 year college education by reducing your family's out-of-pocket expenses and/or student loans.  





College Matching PROGRAM Success Rates!:

College Matching PROGRAM Success Rates! 98% sign with a college program 92% offered a scholarship to help pay for college.

Need help making a highlight video?:

Need help making a highlight video? Game Filming   Skills Tryout Video Filming Game Video Editing and Hosting Game Highlight Editing and Hosting

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Family Savings:

Family Savings A 4-year college education estimated minimum average is $85,778 to $134,892 ! AND RISING!!! Save your money and let a scholarship pay for college!

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THE KEY! Why do some high school prospects commit to college program as sophomores or juniors? ---because college coaches have been exposed to their academic and athletic ability. The key to earning a scholarship is early exposure to college coaches! How are college coaches finding out about your child right now?

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How AASR Helps MyScoutingReport – Free Online Recruiting Profile College Matching Program – The key to earning a scholarship is early exposure to college coaches. Customized Recruiting website Game Video Service Game filming Game/highlight video editing and hosting

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Recruiting Process Education Series For additional information about the recruiting process visit: process.php

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