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Parent’s ROLE In the Recruiting Process:

Parent’s ROLE In the Recruiting Process

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Your Role As A Parent Be supportive without being pushy Be sure it’s your child’s dream to play… not just your dream Be realistic about your child’s skill level Send your child to college tryout camps after their sophomore and/or junior year(s) for an objective professional’s projection Keep the focus on academics Sign a transcript release form with HS Counselor to fax to college coaches when they call to request it. Assist with the research on schools and coaches Visit as many colleges as possible

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Your Role As A Parent Be proactive in helping develop a realistic college target list Keep track of important dates and deadlines Keep a good and accurate filing system of schools, degree plans, financial aid, applications, athletic programs

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Your Role As A Parent Take an objective look at how you behave during sporting events HS coaches are asked by college coaches if a prospect has an overbearing parent. Learn the recruiting process rules Keep everything in perspective

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Your Role As A Parent Accept responsibility for your child’s recruitment Understand the high school coaches role and time constraints: Teaching obligations Bus driving obligations Family obligations Coaching other sport(s) obligations Hopefully, they will have an established network of college coaches; not all high school coaches do.

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Your Role As A Parent Understand that one of the last things a college coach wants to hear here is from a parent is, “I’m not saying this because she’s my daughter, but she …..” College coaches make their own evaluations and recruit accordingly. Coaches prefer to see it with their own eyes. Talk to college coaches about your child’s results at a tryout camp, their speed, vertical jump, skill results, academics, test scores, etc. Coaches love to hear about measureable skills and academic progress!

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THE KEY! Why do some high school prospects commit to college program as sophomores or juniors? ---because college coaches have been exposed to their academic and athletic ability. The key to earning a scholarship is early exposure to college coaches! How are college coaches finding out about your child right now?

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How AASR Helps MyScoutingReport – Free Online Recruiting Profile College Matching Program – The key to earning a scholarship is early exposure to college coaches. Customize Recruiting website Game Video Service Game filming Game/highlight video editing and hosting

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Recruiting Process Education Series For additional information about the recruiting process visit: process.php

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