Camps and Tryouts 9-11-13

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Camps and tryouts:

Camps and tryouts


Huge fundraisers for college programs Considered legal NCAA tryouts Best to try the one day mini-camps to save money! Excellent to get identified before junior year! Camps

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NCAA I Only Division I men’s basketball is allowed to hold tryouts. Those tryouts are limited to prospective student-athletes who are seniors in high school, junior college transfers or four-year transfers who have completed their basketball season. They also must be on an official or unofficial visit to the campus.

PowerPoint Presentation: NCAA II Division II schools are allowed to hold one practice or tryout for a college-bound student-athlete on its campus as long as the student-athlete is a high-school senior who is enrolled in a term other than the term in which the traditional season in the sport occurs. The school may conduct a medical examination of the student- athlete, and the tryout may include tests to evaluate the student-athlete’s strength, speed, agility and sport skills. The tryout may include competition except in football, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer and wrestling. The tryout is limited to the length of the school’s normal practice period in the sport, but in no event can it be longer than two hours. The school may loan equipment and clothing to the college-bound student-athlete during the tryout.

PowerPoint Presentation: NCAA III Division III programs are not allowed to hold practice tryouts with college-bound student- Athletes.

Walk-on Tryouts:

NCAA programs are ONLY ALLOWED to hold walk-on tryouts for CURRENTLY ENROLLED STUDENTS at their institution. NAIA and NJCAA programs ARE ALLOWED to conduct tryouts for NON-ENROLLED STUDENTS. Walk-on Tryouts

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THE KEY! Why do some high school prospects commit to college program as sophomores or juniors? ---because college coaches have been exposed to their academic and athletic ability. The key to earning a scholarship is early exposure to college coaches! How are college coaches finding out about your child right now?

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How AASR Helps MyScoutingReport – Free Online Recruiting Profile College Matching Program – The key to earning a scholarship is early exposure to college coaches. Customize Recruiting website Game Video Service Game filming Game/highlight video editing and hosting

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Recruiting Process Education Series For additional information about the recruiting process visit: process.php

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