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NCAA Recruiting visits:

NCAA Recruiting visits

NCAA Official Visit:

NCAA Official Visit Allowed up to 3 NCAA Official Visits The college may pay all or some of the following expenses: • Your transportation to and from the college; • Room and meals (three per day) while you are visiting the college; and • Reasonable entertainment expenses, including three complimentary admissions to a home athletics contest.

NCAA Unofficial Visit:

NCAA Unofficial Visit Allowed unlimited NCAA Unofficial Visits Any visit by you and your parents to a college campus paid for by you or your parents . The only time you cannot talk with a coach during an unofficial visit is during a dead period .

NAIA & NJCAA Visits:

NAIA & NJCAA Visits Allowed unlimited NAIA & NJCAA Visits Most NAIA and NJCAA programs can not afford to pay for officials visits.

Recruiting Visit Questions:

Recruiting Visit Questions Academic support, especially during the season? How many returning players are there next year at the position you are recruiting me for? How many players are you recruiting for this one position for next year? Redshirt policy? What is a typical practice schedule like? What is the off-season conditioning program like?

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THE KEY! Why do some high school prospects commit to college program as sophomores or juniors? ---because college coaches have been exposed to their academic and athletic ability. The key to earning a scholarship is early exposure to college coaches! How are college coaches finding out about your child right now?

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How AASR Helps MyScoutingReport – Free Online Recruiting Profile College Matching Programs – The key to earning a scholarship is early exposure to college coaches. Customize Recruiting website Game Video Service Game filming Game/highlight video editing and hosting

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Recruiting Process Education Series For additional information about the recruiting process visit: process.php

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