Time and Money

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Time and Money http://wallpapers.free-review.net/21__Time_is_money.htm

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-It seems we never have enough of each -Both need sound budgeting practice to receive the most potential -Decisions involving one WILL affect the other(both good and bad) -Affects your mental and physical health Similarities between money and time

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What are the benefits of time management?

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Your game plan… Create a master calendar -work -school -study -payment deadlines -leisure time Prioritize by… -deadline -importance -necessary time needed

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Building a class schedule What classes are needed? When are they available? What is my work schedule? How are the classes offered? Who are the professors? Does the course require a pre-requisite? Can I even take the class? Do I have enough time to study? -Meet with your academic advisor

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Tips to managing money

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