How AASR Can Help You Get The Recruiting Results You Need

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How AASR Can help you get the recruiting results you need!:

How AASR Can help you get the recruiting results you need!

What AASR Can Do To Help:

Sometimes finding a college to play at is like job hunting! High school coaches average fewer than five college coaching contacts, 90% of whom are local. AASR can get your name and information out to ALL the college head coaches in the United States to ensure that you will play at the next level! AASR gets college coaches to correspond with you! Unlimited consultations! Guide your family through the recruiting process! What AASR Can Do To Help

AASR Services:

AASR Services Free Online Services MyScoutingReport Highlight/Game/Tryout Skills Video Links College Matching Services Guaranteed services to find your college sports program to play with!

MyScoutingReport :


College Matching Services:

College Matching Services A.  AASR will match you with a intercollegiate athletic program B. MyScoutingReport , Highlight/Game/Tryout Skill Videos, Transcripts and Game Schedule sent to college coaches C.  Provide camp information D. Schedule NAIA and NJCAA Tryouts. E. Unlimited Recruiting Consultations F. Installment Plans Available G. 100% Money Back Guarantee!

College Matching Service Levels:

College Matching Service Levels 1.  State Level - Promotion to college programs within the State you live in. 2.  Tri-State Level - Promotion to college programs within the State you live in and two other States. 3.  Regional Level - Promotion to college programs in the Southwestern United States. Arkansas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. (BONUS: Louisiana included for FREE!) 4.  National Level - Promotion to ALL the college programs with your sport in the entire United States. Other options: NCAA only, NJCAA only, Multiple Sports, etc.

Tracking Report Service:

Tracking Report Service College Matching Service members can track which college coaches view their profile and game/highlight/tryout skills videos with monthly detailed reports for only $10 per month per video!

Can AASR Guarantee a Scholarship?:

Can AASR Guarantee a Scholarship? Due to NCAA regulations (See NCAA Rules /Bylaws  12.3.1, and 12.3.3), AASR cannot guarantee a scholarship. Scholarships depend on the student-athletes' academic and athletic abilities meeting the needs of a specific intercollegiate program that has the budget to afford a scholarship for that particular student-athlete.

Can AASR Guarantee a Scholarship?:

Can AASR Guarantee a Scholarship? A scholarship guarantee would indicate that we represent student-athletes as an agent and would create athletic eligibility problems for the student. You should be very skeptical of any service that “guarantees” an athletic scholarship. AASR allows all student-athletes the opportunity to gain exposure to intercollegiate athletic programs while maximizing their scholarship opportunities.

Video Services:

Video Services Game Filming - Start at $199 for filming, editing, hosting and one copy.  Travel expenses may apply. Tryout Video – $150 Game Video Editing and Hosting - $40 per game Game Highlight Editing and Hosting - $99 Discounts when bundled with a College Matching Service Level !

Educational Value:

Educational Value Average annual cost for a college education in the U.S. for 2010-2011: Public 2-year school $12,500 x 2.5 yrs = $31,250 Public 4-year school $18,500 x 4.5 yrs = $83,250 Private, for profit 4-year school $28,000 x 4.5 yrs = $126,000 Private, nonprofit 4-year school $35,000 x 4.5 yrs = $157,5000

Educational Investment:

Educational Investment These average costs will continue to increase each year as financial will begin to decrease in Fall 2011! Scholarships are becoming that much more important for families to afford sending their child to college! A small investment to MAXIMIZE SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES could save your family 10’s of thousands of dollars towards your child’s college education!

Need Help Getting Recruited?:

Need Help Getting Recruited? Get Started Today! FREE MyScoutingReport and Customized College Matching Service!

Additional Information:

Additional Information Coach Eli Herrera Phone (361) 446-3812

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