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Heritage medical centre is the best and India’s first geriatric health care centre. We mainly focus on treating chronic disorders of elder people. We provides some special services like elder health care, nursing services along with providing routine physical and mental evaluation, dressing, administering and regulating medication and so on. For more detalils: Toll Free: 040-233-79999


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Senior Care Services:

Senior Care Services Toll Free: 040-233-79999


Heritage Medical Centre is India’s first geriatric health care centre. We will provide total senior care services in Hyderabad. We are specialized in providing nursing care for the elderly with a focus not only on illness but also on overall health and wellness. About Senior Care Services Toll Free: 040-233-79999


Mental Disorders Digestive Disorders Breathing Disorders Physical therapy Bladder problems including incontinence Toll Free: 040-233-79999 Which type of services are providing?


Depression Bipolar disorders Anxiety disorders Alzheimer’s disease Dementia Schizophrenia Mood Disorders Toll Free: 040-233-79999 Mental Disorders

Breathing Disorders:

Asthma Pneumonia Pulmonary embolism Tuberculosis Lung cancer Post tracheostomy care Toll Free: 040-233-79999 Breathing Disorders


Plot no.37,Kamlapuri Colony, Near Satya Sai Kalayana Mandapam, Hyderabad 500073. +040-233-79999, 9848097039 Toll Free: 040-233-79999 Contect Us


Toll Free: 040-233-79999

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