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However The Supreme Court of Florida took cognizance of Henry Portner’s standing and issued a reprimand. Detractors of Henry who were envious of his success turned the Henry N Portner reprimand into Henry N Portner misconduct. See more:


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Henry N Portner, USPTO:

Henry N Portner, USPTO The celebrated attorney from Florida

About Henry N Portner:

About Henry N Portner Let us find out who is Henry N Portner. He is a reputed and respected attorney at law in the State of Florida. He practices in four courts in the United States – the Supreme Court, United States Tax Court, Appeals Court and District Court. He is also licensed to practice in the States of Georgia, South Carolina, New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Florida. He represents clients for patents and trade mark certifications. Thus Henry N Portner, USPTO is a multi-faceted attorney.

Reasons for Henry N Portner’s success:

Reasons for Henry N Portner’s success He has been practicing law for more than three decades. He has immense knowledge and expertise in his chosen field which is Taxation Law, Bankruptcy Law and mergers and Acquisitions. He has served as General Counsel for several years which allow him deep insights in the practice of law. He has dealt with transaction issue, litigated civil cases, drawn up syndication agreements, helped builders and developers with construction agreements. His knowledge of horse breeding and drawing contracts for buying and selling pedigree horses is legendary.

Henry Portner’s experience:

Henry Portner’s experience His client base includes builders, developers, and professionals from the medical field. Retail companies, automobile industry and several civil litigation plaintiffs as well as defendants. His services have been rated as the highest quality by his clients and during two and half decades of service has racked up historic landmark wins. Henry N Portner ethics and business acumen are the best within the framework of the law. He has achieved this stature through application and diligence that ensures the best possible advice.

Types of trolls:

Types of trolls There are insult trolls who love to incite hate and are abusive. They have no agenda other than spew hatred which can be racist, religion based or simple cyberbullying. They are OCD (obsessive compulsory disorder) types and if they do not abuse their daily quota they can become uncontrollable. Then there is the debating type troll – he or she will research content and create opposing views; they have a single point agenda of ‘my way is the highway’ – their word is the last word. The last type is the offended type troll and who is so offensive that he or she have caps lock on all the time. Their troll messages are littered with profanity; they have a limited attention span and the minute they lose interest in one troll attack they will hunt for the next and forget the earlier threat.

How to mitigate troll attacks:

How to mitigate troll attacks Henry N Portner. USPTO is best placed in answering this question. He was a victim as he was the target in blog posts under the heading Henry N Portner misconduct stories. Henry is an eminent lawyer from Florida and a noted personality in several courts of America including the Supreme Court. Soon articles about Henry N Portner, reprimand stories were making the rounds in several social media platforms. Soon some of the websites stopped the attacks coming through as the trolls were banned. He also posted on the internet blogs and articles about his experiences and academic achievements. Through all of these trials and tribulations he kept a calm head and went about his daily business. Of course he had the benefit of wisdom being 60-years-old and was staunch in Henry N Portner ethics which was sacrosanct. Such advice from victims will help in mitigating negative attacks on the Internet.

Why the furor over Henry N Portner:

Why the furor over Henry N Portner Henry Portner was in charge of a loan modification company. Prior to the purchase of the company some non-legal staffers had issued mails to clients which appeared as if they were official mails of foreclosure. Because of the sensitive nature of the mail the loan modification company offered advice on changing the terms of the loan as well as the interest. This was unknown to Henry Portner. However The Supreme Court of Florida took cognizance of Henry Portner’s standing and issued a reprimand. Detractors of Henry who were envious of his success turned the Henry N Portner reprimand into Henry N Portner misconduct .

Social Profile of Henry N Portner:

Social Profile of Henry N Portner

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