Get relief from sever joint pain by using orthopedic implants


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HEMC Ortho offers qualitative range of orthopedic implants and Instruments set that made from biocompatible titanium or stainless steel.


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Get Relief From Sever Joint Pain By Using Orthopedic Implants Orthopedic implants are medical devices that are mostly used for fixing of bones. For a variety of reasons many bones and joints need repair. Amongst these reasons injury disease and simply wearing out of bones are the foremost when orthopedic implants are required. These implants are also used when there is a need to fully strengthen or replace the bones or joints that are damaged.

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In India orthopedic implants surgeons are highly skilled and are known for the expertise over the implant technique. You can depend on the facilities for the treatment in India hospitals and the surgeons for doing the implant with no side effects and risks. Orthopedic implants India are dependable when it comes to relieving you from the damages caused due to bones and joint improper functions. The surgeon inserts orthopedic implants into the body. Highly trained surgeons perform this surgery. The surgeon removes the damaged joint as a first step for the surgery. Then the damaged joint is replaced with an orthopedic implant. Orthopedic implants manufacturer makes these implants from stainless steel and titanium alloys. Then the implants are lined with plastic. While the metallic structure is used for providing the much needed strength the plastic surface is used as an artificial cartilage. In most of the cases the surgeon fits the implants into position in such a way that bone grows into the implant. This technique gives better strength to the patient. In other cases for better adhesion the surgeons cement the implants. Why do patients need orthopedic implants Our joints function smoothly due to the presence of cartilage around the bones. However due to diseases such as osteoarthritis the cartilage starts wearing out. Such degenerative joint diseases cause friction between bones in a joint. As the bones and joint move the patient feels severe pain and discomfort. Another reason why patients need surgery such as hip prosthesis India is getting excessive weight. People who are very fat put more weight on their hip and knee joints which can cause to cartilage loss. If the patient is not responding to other treatments orthopedic implants is usually is the suggestion from the doctor. Different types of implants Depending on the patients’ requirements surgeons come up with different types of implants. If the damage is in the hip joints then the surgeon will perform hip prosthesis India surgery to give relief from the joint pain. Similarly the elbow knee and shoulder joints require the implants for better functioning of these body parts. Spine implants surgery is also performed. For specific requirements of a particular joint to deal with the problem of the loss of cartilage different implants are designed. These specifically designed implants can withstand the stress and pain associated with the joint movements and corrects the function. To position the joints in place surgeons use different orthopedic instruments also. These instruments include safety locking plates wires large/small/mini fragment implants interlocking nails cannulated screws external fixators and many other instruments. But high quality of orthopedic implants must be ensured for the success of the implant surgery. Due to quality material and manufacturing technique these plants long last and patient feels relief. Make sure that your orthopedic surgeon uses only the implants that are of high quality standards. It is important that you enquire about such plants before the surgeon uses them on your body joints. Most importantly make sure that your surgeon for orthopedic implants India is highly qualified and has many years of experience of the field. HEMC Ortho is among the most prominent names in health care industry engaged in manufacturing and exporting an exclusive range of orthopedic implants and instruments set from India. If you need any further information please visit: or contact us at

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