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External fixators India – Resolve external bone injuries with quality fixator systems Orthopedic surgeons use the external fixators to fix injured bones externally. A main purpose of using these fixators is to stabilize the bone for its smoother healing. The soft issues also properly stabilized using the external fixators. In fact the surgeons use these fixators in more than a dozen ways to treat fixing of a bone injury externally. External fixators India manufacturers make and supply entire range of the fixators with global quality parameters met fully.

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How external fixator system works The external fixator system is actually involves inserting of certain pins through the skin up to the bone. Then an external frame holds these pins tightly at one place. When a patient comes to the surgeon with a broken bone it may be that an external fixator is used to first stabilize the bone injury. A small incision into the patient’s skin is made so that the metal pins and screws can be inserted. There is a bar set outside of the skin. The pins are then attached to the bar to secure the bone in place. For this metal screws pins rods and plates can be used. The orthopedic surgery process involving external fixators starts with digging holes into a skin which has no injuries. This skin area is just near to the injured bones. The surgeon then inserts special bolts and wires into the hole. A rod and a curved metal piece are generally used to join the bolts outside of the injured bone area. The surgeon performs the surgery first by giving a general anesthesia to the patient. But the patient does not feel much pain when the external fixator is removed eliminating the need for any anesthesia. Conditions for using the fixators The surgeons use the external fixators to treat open fractures. But bone injuries are not the sole cases where these fixator systems are used. The fact is that the system has many more uses for the patients. For example many people suffer from short limbs. The surgeons use the external fixators India systems to lengthen the limbs as an effective solution. For example people often want to lengthen their short legs a bit. They get treated using the external fixators. Some patients have thigh bones cut diagonally due to some surgical process. Such patients can depend on external fixators for reshaping and lengthening of their thighs. To lengthen the limbs the surgeon will place external fixator pins and wires by the side of the limb. Then the two bones are pushed apart in a slow and steady manner each day. Modern surgeons use external fixators in so many cases ranging from bone fracture to bone reshaping. We can list some of the cases where patients can benefit from external fixators.  Pelvic ring disruptions  Pediatric fractures  Limb lengthening  Infection or nonunion related fractured  Correction of misalignment of bones  Correction of length discrepancies  Stabilization of soft tissue  Stabilization of open fractures  Open fracture having sever soft tissue disruption  Unstable fractures After the surgery is over it takes time before the surgery wounds to heal completely and the results of the surgery realized. The patient has to wear the external fixator for many weeks if required. Some patients are required to have the fixators on the injured body part for many months. Generally it takes two to three months for the healing process to complete. Complicated bone fractures may take many months to heal. External fixator India manufacturers such as HEMC Ortho are world class makers and suppliers of the external fixator systems as well as orthopedic implants in India with global quality parameters ensured.

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