10 Best Gift Ideas for Backpackers


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Backpacking is about living with the minimum needs, there are certain things that backpackers need on their trip, and you can actually bless them by giving them a few useful gifts.


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10 Best Gift Ideas for Backpackers :

10 Best Gift Ideas for Backpackers https://helptraveleronline.com/


Backpack An obvious gift for a backpacker would be a backpack itself. Make sure that it is of good quality, durable, has lots of zips and pockets, allows luggage lock, has an in-built whistle, and even has a water bottle holder. https://helptraveleronline.com/


Camera Backpackers love to take lots of photographs of their trip, and even videos if possible. So, gift them a camera that has maximum features in the smallest size possible. https://helptraveleronline.com/


Headphones They may use the headphones not only to enjoy music while traveling alone but for blocking external noise too . Hence headphone is great for long haul flights and miles of walking expedition . https://helptraveleronline.com/

Portable charger:

Portable charger This gift will come handy to keep all their devices charged, including smartphone , Kindle, camera and others.Solar chargers are also available, which can be an added boon for them. https://helptraveleronline.com/

Leather hat:

Leather hat A leather hat can be a perfect gift that backpackers can have in their travel backpack. Choose a good quality one that is durable and water resistant. It will last for several years to come and will keep the person protected in wet and hot environments. https://helptraveleronline.com/

Head torch:

Head torch Whether the backpackers are walking in the dark or descending into the earth’s depths, they can’t afford to keep a hand busy while holding a torch. At such times, a head torch comes as the best carry on a backpack. They can easily mount it on their head and move forward while directing the light wherever they turn their head. https://helptraveleronline.com/

Water filter:

Water filter When backpackers go to a place, where they have access to a spring, waterfall, lake or river, then a water filter will come as a boon for them. They can quickly fill their water, and purify it using the water filter you gifted to them. https://helptraveleronline.com/

Sleeping bag:

Sleeping bag  A nice sleeping bag can actually make a difference in the backpacker’s comfort level. A down bag is lighter and warmer, but expensive. You can gift an entry-level down bag but make sure it should be water resistant and non-synthetic. https://helptraveleronline.com/

Multi tool:

Multi tool A good quality multi-tool can become a must-have for your backpacker. It comes as a handy tool to handle a variety of tasks during the backpack holidays. It contains a knife, glass breaker, strap cutter, bottle opener, screwdriver, wrench and much more. https://helptraveleronline.com/

Adventure compass:

Adventure compass An adventure compass is something that can never go wrong with directions, and it never stops working due to bad signals as well, unlike today’s GPS systems. https://helptraveleronline.com/

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