The Difference between UI and UX designers finally explained


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There has been a long standing confusion about the difference between the terms UI and UX. As the terms are closely interlinked, it is a bit confusing to clearly differentiate. But sometimes, not knowing the difference between the two terms can result in an unattractive website and thus reduce visitors.


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The Difference between UI and UX designers finally explained

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Are you tired of being explained the difference between  UI  and  UX ? Are you fed up of trying to understand where to use UI design and where to use UX design? Are you scratching your head for the answer to the question why UI and UX cannot be used interchangeably ? Well, here is a revelation - You are not the only one who is confused. Almost every person who is concerned with the field of  web development  faced this confusion at some point of time in his or her life and many are still battling to understand the difference .

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What are UI and UX designs ? You may have heard several explanations regarding the difference between the 2 terms and yet, you are here. This only means that you are still confused. We will put it in simple words for you : →  If the website was a pizza delivered to your room, what you see when you open the pizza box - the pizza topping with chopped vegetables, sausages, salami, etc. and mozzarella cheese bubbling over it. You also smell the aroma and that makes your mouth water.  This is the UI - User Interface .

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That was not that difficult to understand, was it ? Once the difference between UI and UX has been clarified, the key is to understand its importance in  web designing . User experience design and user interface design both have unique yet interconnected roles to play in the success of a website . →  Now, you pick up a slice of the pizza and take a bite of it. The way the pizza feels in your mouth - the taste of the chilli sauce and the way the cheese melts in your mouth and  that can be considered as the UX - User Experience .

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What roles do UI and UX designs play in a website ? To understand the roles of each, let us take an example of a coffee shop : The coffee aroma that you are greeted with when you enter a coffee shop and the ambience is the UI and the varieties of coffee available the quality offered is the UX. Now consider 3 coffee shops located on the same street .

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The first one serves great coffee but has a shabby outlook and an unimpressive seating arrangement. The second one has amazing interiors with a comfortable seating arrangement for the customers but the coffee offered is of poor quality. The third type has a good space for the customers to sit and talk while sipping their coffee and the coffee served is of great quality and taste. Out of the 3 coffee shops, which shop would have the highest number of customers? Obviously, the third coffee shop. The same applies to  website design and development .

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A good UI attracts the user to the website and guides him or her to navigate around and look for things he or she needs and a good UX has quality results to offer the user in response to the actions the user performs through the UI . In short, the UI is how the website appears to the user and UX is how the user gets to access the website database and server . In a nutshell, if the website was to be considered as a movie, the acting of all the characters, direction and set design is the UI that makes the movie look impressive and the screenplay, the dialogues and the storyline are the UX that makes the movie interesting and worth watching.   

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When to choose whom? We have observed that the UI vs UX design difference is sometimes not clearly understood by business owners and they may spend their resources and time on getting the wrong services due to this. To get a website to accomplish the desired mission, choosing the right one out of  UI designer ,  UX designer , and a UI/UX designer is a must. To ensure this, the tasks of a UI designer and a UX designer have to be clearly defined in the process of web design and development. We have done this for you so that you would know when to hire whom :

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Tasks of a UI designer: Interface design and framework   - The appearance, touch and feel of the website is completely under the purview of the UI designer and is responsible for designing the frontend framework of the website. This includes the font style and size, the buttons and their shapes, the layout, and the colour scheme of everything that would be visible to the user. Website graphics and animation -   Keeping in mind the upcoming UI trends , the website needs to have various graphics, images, and animation that make the website impressive.

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Website responsiveness -  The website should present an impressive and an interactive layout on every device it is accessed from. This is ensured by the UI designer. The frontend is designed to be compatible with all devices as well as browsers. The UI designer decides how the button changes colour or pops-up when it is clicked on and how a drop-down menu is displayed when the mouse cursor hovers upon it. All these minor features make the website navigable.

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Tasks of a UX designer: Website objective and requirement - What do you want to accomplish through the website? What information and features do you want to offer the user? Things like these come under the purview of the UX designer. The UX designer is responsible for managing the content that is supposed to be delivered to the user and how it is delivered . Interaction design - Everything that happens after the user interacts with the website, including the communication with the website server, accepting user inputs and giving the required responses is managed by the UX web design .

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Database management - The UX designer has to design a database that is capable of accepting and storing the data entered by the users, as well as offering relevant data that the user is looking for and also write a code to fetch the data according to the requirement . With this, one can now easily differentiate between the job roles of a UI and a UX designer and decide when to pick whom .

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A UI/UX designer ?

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Through this whole discussion, it is obvious that UI and UX designing is interlinked with each other. Therefore, one may think why not hire a designer who is well-versed with both. The profession of becoming a UI/UX designer has been on the rise as well . To be clear, a UI/UX designer is a jack of all trades and a master of none. Each UI/UX designer has the detailed knowledge of a few frameworks of frontend and backend and a general idea for the rest . It would be a good idea to hire a UI/UX designer when you already have a website but want to optimise and organise it in a better way .

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Summing up Once you have gained a clear idea of the difference between UI and UX, it is easy to determine whether to hire a UI designer, a UX designer, the pair of both, or a UI/UX designer. Once you are through with this decision, the web design and development process would progress smoothly and efficiently . Originally Posted On:-

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