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English Vocubulary for International Relations


By: Ada_wuhan (147 month(s) ago)

I never knew the preparation for the listening can be done so beautifully. You have helped me a lot. Thank you very much. And I appreciate very much for your selfless effort to share what you did with us. I am expecting more from you!

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International Relations : 

International Relations World News

Part I: Warming up : 

Part I: Warming up Summit n. 顶点,最高阶层, 高峰会议 top-level diplomatic conference: a meeting between heads of government or other high-ranking officials to discuss a matter of great importance News Headline 1

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Commitment n.许诺,承诺,提交;把问题提交给立法委员会审议 1. responsibility: something that takes up time or energy, especially an obligation 2. (politics) referral of bill for review: a referral of a bill to a legislative committee for review to make a commitment (to do sth) 作出承诺(做某事)

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Eradicate vt. 根除, 消灭 get rid of something completely: to destroy or get rid of something completely, so that it can never recur or return Eg: eradicate poverty, promote democracy

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Reverse vt. 颠倒,逆转 change something to opposite: to change something to the opposite direction, order, or position Eg:reversing the trend of population growth Reverse the spread of AIDS

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Radical a. 激进的,根本的,基本的 1. basic: relating to or affecting the basic nature or most important features of something a radical difference between the two2. pervasive: far-reaching, searching, or thoroughgoing a radical reorganization of the company Radical change News Headline 2

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Ally n. 同盟国   member of alliance: a person, group, or state that is joined in an association with another or others for a common purpose

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Undermine v. 渐渐破坏,挖掘地基,暗地里破坏 1. weaken something gradually: to diminish or weaken something gradually undermined her confidence2. subvert somebody or something: to weaken, discredit, or destroy somebody or something by covert and malicious action The leaked memos undermined the administration's credibility.

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ASEAN --Association of Southeast Asian Nations 东南亚国家联盟, 东盟 ASEAN Flag Brunei Darussalam Cambodia Indonesia Malaysia Myanmar Philippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam News Headline 3

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Shrug off 对...不予理会 dismiss something: to reject or disregard something as unimportant

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Denunciation n.谴责,告发 public condemnation: a public accusation or condemnation of something or somebody

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Regime n. 政权,当权期间,政体,社会制度 1. form of government: a system or style of government2. particular government: the government of a particular country, especially one that is considered to be oppressive Eg: The regime had been propped up by foreign aid.该政权是靠外国援助维持著的 Military Regime (军事政权)

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Harness v. get control of and use something: to gain control of something and use it for some purpose eg: seek to harness the skills and resources of a number of agencies Outrage n. violent act: an extremely violent or cruel act fury: intense anger and indignation aroused by a violent or offensive act News Headline 4

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Macedonia 马其顿 country in southeastern Europe. Formerly a constituent republic of Yugoslavia, it became independent in 1991.Languages: Macedonian. News Headline 5

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Ethnic Albanian guerrillas 阿族游击队

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Clash n. 矛盾,冲突 fight or argument: a short fierce encounter, verbal or physical, with another person or group Ambush 伏击,埋伏 surprise attack: an unexpected attack from a concealed position

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Patrol n. 巡逻,巡逻员,侦察队 military unit on mission: a military unit sent out for reconnaissance

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Vessel n. 轮船、容器 large watercraft: a ship or large boat News Headline 6

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USS Greenville 美国洛杉矶级核动力潜艇“格林维尔”号 U.S. nuclear submarine

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Drill 演习 military training by repetition: a type of military training, particularly in marching maneuvers and weapons handling, that involves the constant repetition of a set pattern of movements or tasks Emergency surfacing drill

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Collision n. 碰撞、冲突 crash: the action of two moving vehicles, ships, aircraft, or other objects hitting each other

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Pluck vt. 采摘、拉、拽  take something away quickly: to take something away swiftly, often by means of skill or strength pull something off or out: to pull something off or out of something else, e.g. fruit from a tree

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military observer 军事观察员 News Headline 7

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live-firing exercise 实弹演习

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Raid n. 突袭 sudden attack: a sudden attack made by soldiers, aircraft, police, bandits, or any other force in an attempt to seize or destroy something Upsurge n. 高涨、上升 increase: a rapid increase in something News Headline 8

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Elite 精英、精锐部队 richest, best, or most powerful: more talented, privileged, or highly trained than others eg: elite troops elite troops

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NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization 北大西洋公约组织,简称北约 international military alliance: an international organization established in 1949 to promote mutual defense and collective security that was the primary Western alliance during the Cold War. News Headline 9 NATO Logo

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Allay vt. 减轻、消除 calm emotion or worry: to calm a strong emotion such as anger, or diminish and set at rest somebody's fears or suspicions Disquiet n. 焦虑、不安、不平静 lack of peace: a feeling of anxiety or uneasiness

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Ammunitions n. 军火 bullets and missiles: bullets, shells, missiles, and other projectiles used as weapons

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Depleted uranium n. 贫铀弹,是装在某些炸弹里的一种铀 uranium low in U-235: uranium containing an unusually low amount of the U-235 isotope, usually as a result of having been used as fuel in a nuclear reactor

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Peacekeeping soldiers 维和士兵/部队

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Breach vt. 违反 break law or promise: to fail to obey, keep, or preserve something such as a law, trust, or promise Crack down 制裁、打击、严打 take strong action: to take strong and decisive action against something undesirable or illegal or against somebody involved in such activity ( informal ) News Headline 10

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