Quarterly Slide Show 2012 July- Helen Draft 3- Carly

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Fancy Candy Bar: 

Fancy Candy Bar

PowerPoint Presentation: 

Identropy’s Melting Pot of Geniuses

Some SCUID Ops Love: 

Some SCUID Ops Love Creepy or sneaky?

I’m happy to have met you: 

I’m happy to have met you

PowerPoint Presentation: 

I’d like to tell you why Batman is better than Superman

Thumbs Up: 

Thumbs Up

Dinner @ Uncle Billy’s: 

Dinner @ Uncle Billy’s

Bros for life: 

Bros for life

Dinner good……: 

Dinner good……

Identropy brothers: 

Identropy brothers Fancy Tie you got there, Raj….. =)

I like dinner time: 

I like dinner time

We HUG too: 

We HUG too

Peach Bread Pudding = GSD nourishment: 

Peach Bread Pudding = GSD nourishment

Catching up…..: 

Catching up…..

Fabulous Ladies of the Crew: 

Fabulous Ladies of the Crew

Hard at Work on projects…….: 

Hard at Work on projects…….

Party Bus.. That’s how we roll….: 

Party Bus.. That’s how we roll…. Surprised?

Changtastic in Focus mode: 

Changtastic in Focus mode

PowerPoint Presentation: 

Not to worry- Heather had the juice =)

You like my form????: 

You like my form????

PowerPoint Presentation: 

Husband & Wife! Roommates for Life

PowerPoint Presentation: 

Hit that ball not that ball No touch?!?!?!

Bowling Champions: 

Bowling Champions

PowerPoint Presentation: 

I pose like this to show my muscles Cesar is too good



PowerPoint Presentation: 

El Presidente pondering

Culture Book preview: 

Culture Book preview

That’s where the GSD is! Austin, TX 2012: 

That’s where the GSD is! Austin, TX 2012