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The term 'Promotions' refers to increase or build value of any Business, Company or Brand in the market through their promotional products and services. Right Promotional Strategies are helpful to boost your sales and profits with in the wink of eyes. Read more -


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Promotion Definition:

Promotion Definition Promotion include distribution of information about the brand ,company or its products and services. Among the four key aspect of advertising mix, this is one of them. The other remaining aspects are distribution,cost and product marketing. To improve sale and profits of the products, its benefits have to informed to customers. In marketing, this methodology is known as “promotions”.

Different Techniques of Promotions:

Different Techniques of Promotions Business promotions can take various forms. Businessmen can promote their business through online as well as through offline. Promotion is a very integral part for business growth and identification. If businessmen, do not promote it how demographics supposed to know about it? Below some effective and beneficial ways are described to promote business and its services widely. These are as follows: -Websites -News letters -Press Release -Organizations -Business cards -Free stuff

Promotion Mix Definition:

Promotion Mix Definition Innovative combination of promotional ideas like print or broadcast, person-to-person selling, direct marketing, etc., used for particular product or for multiple products.

Six Key Promotion Strategy :

Six Key Promotion Strategy Publicity of product and brand Improving public relation Publicity, especially in the key areas Advertising Sale promotion Direct marketing

The factors that assist in making decision to the marketers in choosing a promotion mix are as follows:-:

The factors that assist in making decision to the marketers in choosing a promotion mix are as follows:- - Life cycle stage of the product. - Global marketing tactic. - Customer readiness stage. - Nature of the product market.

Advertising :

Advertising The means of rendering most motivational selling massages accordance with future requirements at the cheapest possible prices. Definition Advertising is a non personal form of presentation and promotion ideas, goods are services through mass medias like television, newspaper, magazine and newspaper.

Sale Promotion :

Sale Promotion It is an activity used to enhance the sales of product and services. It include many strategies like an advertising campaign, improved PR activities, distributing a free gift, organizing exhibition, arranging competition with attractive prices, telemarketing and many more. More than this, sale promotion is all about “action”. Actually it is all about attracting people to buy a commodity. It is not organized to be informative but a role which advertising better suited to.

Public Relations:

Public Relations The planned and prolong effort to organize and improve goodwill and relationship between its the company and its customers. Public relation activities encompasses websites, press release , videos and yearly report.

Personal Selling:

Personal Selling Personal selling is a verbal conversation with potential purchaser of a product with the purpose of selling a product. Initially, personal selling aims as a creating a friendly relationship with potential buyer,but always end with a successful attempt to “close the sale”. It is one of the oldest method of promotion. It include the usage of sale force to assist a push methodology or a pull methodology where the intervention of sale force may be fixed and render after sale services.


Publicity The world “Publicity” is used to described the concept of non-personal conversation regarding company, its product and service or tactics not straightforwardly paid for sponsorship. It normally available in the form of news and stores about company its brands and services. Methodologies used to avail publicity encompasses press conference, photograph, articles, news and videotapes.

Direct Marketing :

Direct Marketing Direct marketing is a concept of establishing a human relationship between the organization rendering a brand, company's services and the customers. The tactics of direct marketing include array of promotional activities. These include - Telemarketing - Direct sale - E-commerce - Mail order catalogs

Main Purpose of Promotion:

Main Purpose of Promotion - Spread awareness - Develop Interest - Stimulate demand - Reinforce the demand

APD Promotions:

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